Hopefully soon to be an owner


Hey all!

I’m Jordan and from west mids. Currently driving a '97 Legnum VR4 but hoping to sell or trade it for a gto.
Currently looking at one on fleabay and wandering if anyone knows of it. K460 YEL is the reg (the one with green alloys). The guy doesn’t seem to know much about it but says it’s got bigger turbos, inlet and running 360 bhp.

Hope to see more of you in the future🙃


Hi Jordan and welcome to GTOUK , hopefully someone here can give You some info, it looks decent !


You can check the mot history on here if you haven’t done it already.
Jerry :grinning:
It will give you a bit more information


Hi Jordan
Welcome aboard, hope the car is a good one, that’s some striking colour for the wheels, have a good look for rust around the rear or the car.
Hope you get a good deal
Good luck.


It has a stock rear intercooler pipe , so if it’s running bigger turbos then it can only be uk ones , anything bigger than that the rear pipe needs adapting .


From the MOTs it’s had it has failed a few times in past few years for excessive corrosion on inner rear structure. Don’t know whether that’s something to worry about or not. Nice to see it going through real MOTs at least lol.


From experience if it’s got any rust on it, walk away!

Try and get one that’s been imported reasonably recently if possible


Gto’s seem similar to legnums. :joy: Any spot of rust and run or act quick. Think I should be able to sort any small amounts of rust out myself so won’t have to pay garage prices.


Read the gto buyers guide , you shouldn’t go wrong. Ask when cambelt was changed :slight_smile:


He’s said the turbos are a 13b. Means nothing to me. Is that likely?


Mechanically dense I am. Assume they’re the rx7 turbos. Can you take turbos from a rotary engine and put them across


Sound like they may be uk spec turbo aka 13g’s. But in reality they are 11b’s
Welcome buddy.


Right, okay. Thank you, thank you!
Possibility of me straight swapping my legnum for this.
Will take the mechanic brother along and let him sus it all out. :joy:


Yes the Turbos are from 3000gt not big Turbos standard for European Market but slightly bigger from GTO’S !


Well that one sold for £2200(No reserve) and he refused to sell it lol. He messaged me wanting to straight swap me car for car but I’m looking for over £3000 for the legnum. Bombarded me with messages after he doesn’t really want to swap it but i should swap with him. A bit desperate. :joy:

So if you know anyone interested in a Legnum VR4 -> GTO swap let me know. Regardless I’ll sell it sooner or later and have myself a GT :slight_smile:


Hmmmmmm the question I have is. Is he desperate to sell or desperate to get rid/ offload? As these are two different things. At the end of the day look at any of these with a clear head and go with your gut feeling. First GTO I looked at looked good and l liked it but I just had a feeling something wasn’t right so walked away.

Good luck in your search as there are some good cars out there.



My gut says offload which is why i’m not contemplating it at all. The mots showed it has a history of rust and he kept messaging saying it’s never had rust, it’s kept in a heated garage 24/7 blah, blah, blah.

Thank you!


Tell him to do one!!!


Short, sweet and succinct @tomkeep1985, like it!!!

Terry :sunglasses:


Haha mots don’t lie! I’m a honust man, just wait till you sell your galant and buy a decent one :slight_smile: