Hopefully soon to be an owner


Oh yes they do… August mot no rust to mine… yeh right.
Second time I’ve bought a car with no rust :joy::joy:


There is a black 3000GT just gone on ebay as an auction that needs an engine rebuild. The guy swore there is no rust on it… Mot checker suggests otherwise!

Was gonna have a bid too


Current car I’m looking at now. Dodgy MoTs so cant tell anything from them, clean looking engine. 5 hour drive away. Not a fan of the interior though lol


Not a fan to be honest. Nothing in the description and I think it’s over priced. Better examples around.


Yeah the price was dropped by $800 yesterday i believe.
I’ve asked what’s been done to it jsut waiting on a response.


Lot of money for a non turbo


Looking at this now. How much are these actually worth? I saw an immaculate white one that’s now on the forum sell at 5.5 with a custom bodykit and this is listed for 5. What would you suggest a price for this would be assuming rust is minimal and the only bad thing is paint work on the skirts
I’ve had 3.5 offered for my legnum. Or possibly swap for this.
Thanks - feel an annoyance already here lol.


Check for rust in boot, remove the trays, check at bottom of sills and front floors if all good I would say swap it :+1:
Seems a good deal tbh…



So you’d say that it’s roughly worth around 3.5-4 then? Based on it not being rusty


For me that would be a reasonable to good deal, as Dave says if there is no serious back end rust, and then make sure that everything on the car is working and it drives ok.
Usually some bits not working but maybe a bargaining point, but part of the fun is fixing them.
1st thing though has to be rust.
l reckon a tip top car with everything working, good paintwork, interior, and stock specification could be worth 6.5-8k, but as always values will be where the seller is and how keen the buyer is on the day.


I’ve given up putting physical values in Gto’s… if your happy then go for it…
Conditions of cars varies on value… whatever you do don’t expect that to be the end of it…
My old tt was £2300 3 years ago and was crap… I then spent 1000s on mine sold it for £3800 because I just wanted it gone… wrong time of year for seller great time of year for buyers…


Yeah fixing is part of the fun. I got my leggy for £1300, ayc didn’t work, no alternator, dead radiator. Fixed them for pence. Updated intercooler, hub carried, brembos and alloys etc for like 1k and now it’s worth 3+ so either way I’m assuming I could break a crap gto and regain more than what I started with. Just want a year of driving fun first haha and not to get ripped off too badly.


It’s pretty sad that this is one of the main reasons why the GTO/3000GT are only fetching for peanuts and have a rep for being unreliable money pits …

It seems to be attracting buyers who just wants to thrash about in Jap metal for as long as they can be done cheaply, then it gets sold on to another sap, or it gets broken to sell on as shagged parts for other saps to fix up their recently acquired car when they realise it hasn’t been looked after.


Wouldn’t say I just want to thrash it about and be a sap.
Think the fact I bought a dead Legnum and revitalized it would suggest otherwise. I’d simply rather not pay 10grand for a car which is worth 5 which I think we all would agree with…
The break a crap gto would be if I accidentally bought one that’s too far gone with rust to be reasonable brought back.
But appreciate the gripe.


Going to view it in a weeks time. Both come to an agreement already providing we’re happy when seeing it up close.
Will get membership here the day I get it and the tinkering will commence!


Good luck ! And keep ur eyes off the fuel gauge lol


Cancel all that. Just rang my insurers and they want £5000 extra to cover my last 6 months lol.
Was going over tomorrow to get it as well lol.


Have you tried the classic policies on here ? how old are you is a factor in this tho…

Cheers Dave


Makerstudy full comp with 4 years no claims 395 a year


That’s who i’m currently with for the Legnum. I only have 1 years ncb, 1 years exp and 24yo. Paid 2.2 fully comp, mods declared. Didn’t think the diff would be that much though!
I asked about what it would be when I’m 25 with 2ncb and it’s £1050. So I guess i’ll wait 6 months before I have one!

Edit: Strangely enough with the same mods declared they said a Legnum would be £1600 for me next year. Which I don’t understand with it being a smaller engine and most likely worth less.