Hopefully soon to be an owner

(Tom Keep) #41

I am 9 years older lol

(Ben Layton) #42

I keep seeing this car pop up on facebook!

(Tammy Mccarthy) #43

My car!:see_no_evil: I had issues that week! Don’t no why I thought of selling her all because I couldn’t find the time to drive her.
Dog sitter now sorted so no longer need to drive them to the mothers. The gto is back in use!

And there is only one rust spot and that’s on the petrol cap. Everywhere is clean :grin: just thought I’d throw that in there

(Jordan Cox) #44

Haha, sorry about messing you around as well. Should of rang insurers much sooner to check that.
Best of luck with her, will follow your progress!

(Tammy Mccarthy) #45

It’s Okay, was a blessing really as I would regret it. She’s had issues since then aswell so I would of felt awful is anyone had it and it happened to them. Got 2 lovely new turbos on order seeing as 1 has decided to cause trouble :grimacing:

(Tammy Mccarthy) #46

Insurance always find a way to do you over anyway. I got a brill deal to get all the cars on the road for decent amount a month, letter come today saying they have put a £300 increase on!? Doesn’t even say why

(Ben Layton) #47

Im dreading getting another quote on my gto, took a trip to plymouth to see the wifes nan as she had fallen ill again (brain tumor) and got snapped at 83mph on old exeter road, 70mph limit, 3 points and £100 fine :sob: :bell::end:. Thats now 8 points in total.

(Terry Wilkes) #48

Ouch (ten characters) :roll_eyes:

Terry :sunglasses: