I honestly thought I'd never get to make this post

I’ve been lurking around these forums on and off for years and years, but I’ve finally thought “**** it” and bought myself the only car I’ve ever wanted to own; a MK1 Twin Turbo GTO.

Totally in love with it, covered about 800 miles in the last couple of weeks without any (new) issues. I say new because unfortunately the tachometer doesn’t work and didn’t when I bought it…I guess I should really get that looked at! It’s also got a bit of a squeak from the engine bay (alternator belt maybe?) when it’s cold, and I can’t seem to get the rear foglight to turn on (I assume it’s the switch on top of the steering wheel but after replacing the bulb it still doesn’t work).

But minor niggles aside, I’m well happy. :slight_smile: I’m up in Newcastle though and I know that means I’m miles and miles away from any reputable garages etc. :frowning: Still, I knew it was never going to be easy! :slight_smile:

Anyway, will sort out full membership soon, just figured I’d say hello first.


PS: How do you change the bulb in the sidelights? Do I need to take the headlight out first?

Hello and welcome congratulations on your buy! Get some photos up so we can all admire! :slight_smile:

Hi and welcome to GTOUK .


Craig :slight_smile:

Hi and welcome to the club

To access the bulb on the sidelight on a MK1 GTO you will need to carefully remove the side light from the car.
This is secured in two ways one of which if you look is at the inside extremity of the light unit and is a Phillips screw and the other end is a bulb and socket design, which you will need to carefully wiggle the light unit whilst keeping it level or you will break off the tip off the light unit (most common damage to this light) and careful lift it out.

Turn the unit over and the bulb holder is held in place with two tiny Phillips screws.

Hope this helps

Cheers Rob

Cheers for the welcomes, and thanks for the advice Rob. I’ll have a look at the bulb tomorrow then, and I’ll get some pics up as well.

Those clear indicators on your Mk1 look lovely Craig…I guess that’s a decision made for me (I was looking at them on Evil Empire the other day).

Clears all the way on a MKI to freshen it up 8)

Craig :slight_smile:

Thats one of the first things I ordered from Rob was the clears.

Welcome, I’ve not been a member here long and I still haven’t started work on my car, but just the initial period of getting to know it and buying parts and I love it already (Mk1 GTO black; some pics on my Newbie thread).

Look forward to seeing some pictures - thread means nothing without them!!

Tacho is a pretty simple diagnostic - its either the fitment to the back of the dials, and I’ve never had one out but from the looks of page 52A-9 in the manual, its a standard push-clip-and-release fit, possibly with a lock on top; or its the sender, likely on the diff housing.

If its mechanical you can just trace the cable and examine the ends; the end by the diff could be worn or the locks could be bust or it could have just popped loose.

Total failure of the connection is likely, worn ends would more normally result in bouncing rather than no response. Just depends how lucky you are if its a plug back in job or some plastic or more serious bit needs replaced.

Welcome to the club,
The fog light switch next to the speedo on a GTO (import) will only light front fogs, the rear fog light being aftermarket or offside reversing light conversion will have a separate switch nearby that when used must illuminate to show you rear fog light is on.

Welcome to the club, it is often the starters often give the squeak when the cars start.

Get some photos up when you can.


Cheers guys - ah, so the rear fog light switch is the one on top of the steering column then, but yeah the rear light is definitely not working even after a bulb change (though the light on the switch itself does work). I’ll add it to the list!


Have to admit I’m not sold on the reflective tint on the rear windows so may have to get rid of that and have it black instead!

Very nice, I agree black tint would look better.


Looks pretty mint from the outside mate! Is it dwelling in the shadows, or is there only one exhaust at the rear?

Thanks - the paintwork could do with being re-done, it doesn’t look quite as nice in person as it does in the pics; the rear bumper is a bit messy!

And yeah, just got the one exhaust. It does look a little lonely with the big gap on the other side mind. As I mentioned earlier I don’t exactly know a great deal about this sort of thing so forgive the noob question, but would she be better off with a second?

Depends on why its been done. From the picture it looks like the silencer tailpipe is just single sheet metal which suggest its been done on the cheap (as opposed to rolled and perforated).

You need to get a look underneath. As far as I know and I am not an expert on these cars by any means, they came from the factory with two.

As far as I gather from the manual the second exhaust is a child of the main exhaust on the nearside. So its not so necessary for performance, more looks. See here:


So I don’t think you’ll be losing much performance. But cosmetically I think it looks a bit wrong. Rob at EE has exhausts with 15% off right now and I am sure they would improve performance, give him a bell, he is very helpful.

Aw man, I was perfectly happy with my exhaust (I actually don’t mind the one-sided look to be honest), but now I’ve added a new one to my list of work to be done. :frowning:

This is getting more expensive by the minute! :smiley:

It could be worse, they could’ve been square tail pipes. I still want to shoot the person who decided, “Yeah! They look sweet, tack weld those bad boys on” :lol:

Hah, yes I saw that, ■■■■■■ awful. I assume you’ve got something more appropriate now? :slight_smile:

Some of the single exhausts are very good for flow. I have only one on mine and I like the look, my exhaust is also a lot lighter than a twin exhaust. Somewhere sold a blanking panel for the other side which looked good, and then someone added the fog light to this panel.


Ill pop a picture up later but yes, it has been a massive improvement.

That’s a lovely looking car fella - well done.
Exhaust - well the single bore exit is by far more dramatic and efficient. I own an NA, which sports the twin exits each side, and I like that. As my rear box, or rather the main exhaust pipework to it, has detached from it, I now get a throaty TT sound but till have the quad exits…
Squeak - very likely an ancillary belt. There are 2 which loop around the crank pulley. This pulley has two drive flanges, which after a long period of duty can separate from one another and cause one or other of the flanges to spin out of true, giving rise to a squeal and eventual belt failure, and more serious repercussions if not dealt with early on. This is worst case, in all likelihood it’ll just be a tweak to the belt tension and nothing more.
Fog light - ideally that fog light should be replaced by wiring the two inner brake/stop lamps to come on when switched using a relay. It’s a much neater finish to a beautiful car.

Enjoy the ride. You’ll turn some heads!!