Illuminated rear quarter sails oem part

Does anybody have the story of these panels? I have a set in my gto ( lights up GTO in red
what model did they come from?
ive seen they are rare but why are they rare?

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They were a Factory pay for option in the early cars, but it seems a few that were left over ended up in later cars and fitted at dealers.

From the factory they were green/blue not red

I will post up some pictures later

Cheers Rob

Oh okay mine are definately red illumination
so are they not genuine oem
I’ll have to check.

My gto is an early one its chassis is Z16A 000410
would it be possible they were red that early

Don’t think so my car is earlier and had blue.


I would love to get my hands on some and se how easy they are to make.

There are two sets on ebay at moment one set going for £350 the other is open to auction starting 99p.
or was that tongue in cheek to say how easy are they to make lol

Type mitsubishi gto illuminated quarter light

Not tongue in cheek my cars a 3000gt so wondered how easy I could make a similar pair up with 3000gt illuminated.
Ill go look on eBay now :slight_smile:

That’s a crazy price, I stupidly binned two mint sets and have a set sat here which has been sold for £40.


How would I know if genuine and not after market?
Apart from they not blue or green lit?

They’ve never been sold as aftermarket.
More likely someone’s changed the bulbs out

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I guess the etching for gto that lets the light through could be changed to 3000gt

You did what Neil?! Got any more ill give you £50

I did see some a year ago that were up for $450
In japan and thats the only set ive seen hence my first question as to why are they considered rare

Just while im here guys who’s the guru on engines on the site ive a misfire under load thats driving me crazy.
it does clear if i feather the gas and pulls like a train

Best bet is to start a thread up in the engine section of the forum :slight_smile:

@Butler A friend up the road was selling some who I got wheels off will see if he has sold them yet

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I have a customer making GTO and 3000GT Proper Illuminated panels that wont die like the OEM ones do !! and yet are easier to fit and are 12 volt stable…lol

Will post pics as soon as they are ready and available

And yes they will be available in a variety of colours Red ,Green, Blue, etc

Cheers Rob


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