Insurance cat D my car for cosmetic paint

Involved in an accident in my 1991 gto absolutely zero my fault I wasnt even moving.
now an insurance engineer telling me its in average condition and only worth £1200 lol
the wheels alone are worth more (18" volk f zero challenge)
It’s probably one of the oldest models in uk
chassis number 410 off production line
no way is it going to the crusher

What’s actually wrong with the car?


Small dent in n/s door not creased and a foot long sratch to the rear quarter oh and it broke the plastic cover away from the n/s wing mirror.
its just the valuation that I find hard to swallow.
id post pictures of my car if I knew how to on here

Just drag and drop it the image into the message :slight_smile:

Cant drag and drop im using Android phone wont let me upload from gallery

Hi @reddwarf,

This is how I upload images from my Android phone - is this what you are doing?

Says use bbs code or format or drag and drop or paste.
thats what happens if I click the upload tab

Is it because im not a full member (paid)

Yes it will be the reason

Craig :smile:

No you don’t need to be a full member.

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Could you be more clear about what step from the video is not working for you?

You click the blue upload link in the bottom right and what happens?

this is my car they valued at £1200

This is reason they want to cat D

Just couple more pics

I would be very upset and annoyed at a car being written off for that small amount of damage , unfortunately though they price the repairs against the cars , have you tried contacting the insurance company and saying you would get it repaired and they can inspect to save it being categorised .

That said If they cat d it just buy it back , if your not planning on getting rid having a ‘D’ on its record wont matter

Craig :smile:

You can have the cat d taken off thers a place in surry that do it it costs around 300 to do