Insurance Advice Needed


Ok this is my first post here as only found it a day ago. I’m thinking of getting a GTO TT or at least I would like to get one.

The main problem I have is the insurance. I’m 19 and I don’t have any years no claims bonus although I have had a full license for about a year and half but I have been on my dads insurance because I have a Honda Prelude 2.2 Vtec and couldn’t insure it under my own name.

So the porblem I have is I’m doubting that anyone would touch me as the few places I have tried they have said no as I’m under 21 or because I don’t have any no claims bonus that or the one quote I got of being about £7000 and that was only tpft

So basicly if any one has any ideas of were else I could try or how I could manage to get insured on one and prefferably fully comp and not for several thousand pound over the car value.

I have tried Tesco, Direct Line, Adrian Flux and Footman James. The only other option I can think of is that I try to get insured on my dads name again but I would really like to have my own insurance and getting no claims bonuses.

Ok so thanks for any help you might give

Ok does that mean no one has any ideas on what I can do

Well… this is a Group 20 vehicle… I doubt that it’s likley that you will get anything sensible with no no-claims and only 19 years old to be honest.

I think that your dad’s policy would be your best bet…

Yeah i just wondered if any might be willing to accept that I have been insured for over a year just under my dads name and might use that (long shot I know but still)

I had thought about trying to get one on his policy but sometime in the near future I would like to move out which would make having the car on his policy next to impossible.

To some degree I wouldnt mind paying bit extra for that first year if I knew that it would drop to a more realstic price after that.

No good asking us really, this is a question only companies can answer. Get on the phone and be prepared for a lot of "no"s and “ermm, we’ll call you back after we refer to our insurer” :?

Good luck.

Yeah just wondred if anyone knew of any places that might be more inclined to say yes and prefferably at not to higher price or jsut of other compaines I could try

Resource links on the website homepage will take you to a list of the most common.

But you will have to ring around at your age to see if they are interested, I suspect you will find the choice quite restricted. I think everyone here is older than you so experience of premiums for a 19yo is minor/zero.

Its all going to be down to legwork (or earwork since you’ll be on the phone a lot! :wink: )

I once wanted a Ferrari. I rang around all the insurers I could think of, but none of them would insure me on a new Ferrari at 21 years old.

Personnaly I think the system is messed up, I mean, why shouldn’t I get insured???


im 20 and looking to buy a uk 3000gt (not a GTO import) which u will have more chance of getting insured on! i also went through varies insurances and the only one i could find that insured me at a reasonable figure of £1500 was try this otherwise no chance buddy.


Thanx I will give it ago

Probably a stupid question just as i have only recently started looking at GTO’s I don’t really know a great deal about them so whats the actual difference between the GTO and 3000GT

That Budget website is a bit good isn’t it half the links don’t work on it I will have to try calling them tomorrow

gto=import 3000gt=uk

just to put it into perspective im 22 with 2 yrs no claims on a gto 91 tt. fully comp paying… wait for it… £2200!!! all i can say is good luck!!


you might try asking them what sort of discount youll get if youve done a higher level driving course,

something like the Institute of Advanced Motoring,
one of my m8s did this when he was young and got about a 30% discount off a R21 turbo,

the courses only cost a few hundred, and with your insurance it might save you a couple of grand


thats a good idea maddog thanx I hadn’t thought of that

and yeah i know the 3000gt is the uk and gto is the import but do they have different features or different outputs or anything

my prelude at the moment is uk but the imports have some extra features such as LSD, traction control, climate control, retractable mirrors and a few other bits and slightly higher bhp

i think im not sure but…

the uk 3000gt have the extras, leather seats… etc rather than the imported having the extras.
and think i read somewhere the uk 3000gt have bigger turbo’s im not sure though?


[quote]Thanx I will give it ago

Probably a stupid question just as i have only recently started looking at GTO’s I don’t really know a great deal about them so whats the actual difference between the GTO and 3000GT[/quote]

This link should explain


Ok best quote so far is from A-Plan of £6200 fully comp

oh and that is on a 3000gt

Regarding insurance, get an old metro and insure that or perhaps a 2cv anything with an mot and insure that for a couple of years to get your no claims bonus up cheaply :wink:

:shock: :shock: