JAE 2018 Peterborough Arena August 31st - September 2nd

  1. Steve Parkin (paid)
  2. Tracie Parkin (paid)
  3. GTOPeps (paid)
  4. Simon Baker (paid)
  5. Supercharged Jerry (paid)
  6. Craig (paid)
  7. Mark (paid)
  8. Stan (paid)
    9, Mrs Peps (paid)
    10, James Jones
    11.Jensen (paid)

The Above have all been emailed out, you will get one email per ticket and committee members will have got the Thursday entry one also



+2 :couple::sunglasses:


See you all there on the Saturday all 3 of us :grin:


Hmm Saturday morning we might be seeing 6 of you :joy::joy: well except for Terry his won’t be booze related


Funny ye I remember last year :rofl:


A morning I’d rather forget actually :rofl::rofl::rofl:



Just bought a ticket through the club shop… hopefully I’m not too late! :monkey:


Be good to see you there Dan


Steve Parkin (paid)
Tracie Parkin (paid)
GTOPeps & Kat (paid)
Simon Baker (paid)
Supercharged Jerry (paid)
Craig (paid)
Mark (paid)
Stan (paid)
James Jones (paid)
John Carter (Slip Stream)
Paul (Slip Stream)
Jensen (paid)
Steve Knott & Angie + 2
Terry (paid)
Kevin & Sophie (Saturday only)
Martyne & Sheena (paid)
Marty K (paid)
Markie (paid)
Lukas (paid)
Dan (paid)
Dave and Anna (paid)



Just wondering when we are expecting tickets?
I notice some have been sent, but I wasn’t on that list…Lol


Not sure if it was just the Thursday ones sent out first marty, was having a conversation with @Tracie about this the other day,


We got ours on email from Simon but he may be sending them out in 2 lots for those who bought them more recently Marty.



Probably send mine the day before :rofl::rofl::rofl: Oh! no Dan the man was much, much later :grin:

Terry :sunglasses:


Got mine for the weekend already, thanks.


Ok so All ticket now sent out, to the paypal address you used



Got to admit having the caravan now I’m so not looking forward to camping in a couple of weeks, I’ve been spoilt, haven’t even had a couple of trial runs this year lol, might be sleeping in the car :joy::joy:


Well I remembered to bring back from my holidays , my camping chair , table and storage unit , tents in the garage all I need now is a blooming car and I’m good to go :thinking:


Best hire a Jap or you might be stuck in the public car park till 3pm :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:



If that happens I will be banned from going again :smiling_imp:


Got my tent.
Lil ordered it, paid and sent me down to argos to pick it up before we left for holiday this morning.
I told her cheap but half decent.
Couldn’t believe it when this came out.

Purple with pink dots :sunglasses:
She thinks she’s hilarious.