JAE 2018 Peterborough Arena August 31st - September 2nd


Guessing you will have no problem finding your tent Jenson! :sunglasses::+1:


One too many of the club punch and I will be lucky to see any tents :joy:


Was planning on getting my tent out this evening to check it over , but that went by the wayside massively with another hectic evening involving the pup :disappointed: Will try and check it out tomorrow to make sure it’s all ok .

Off to towsure tomorrow for a few more more supplies all being well


Brilliant :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

I think she’s hilarious too :grin:

Have a great holiday see you Friday.



As long as you have the poles you should be ok, @Tracie :blush: :wink:



This should take the edge off :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Just to end some social media ■■■■■■■■ thats been flying around…
The show is based mostly on Fri/sat, Sunday people will be able to leave as and when.


See what happens when people try to get their vehicles in to pack up , like with what happened to peps last year , I eventually persuaded Nigel to see it from our point


Well we have it in an official email this year and thankfully peps has got his hands on an l200 this year so all should be ok :+1:t4:


That email seems to be referring to Club Stand members “coming and going as they please” nothing about those in the public car park like @CDMH being able to get in Sunday morning to pack up.



Peps asked me to confirm the stuff being said about not being able to leave the site Sunday until late afternoon… due to JAE again flogging tickets to the public when we are off home and wanting the show to finish late Sunday.

This has been talked about on social media, JAE have confirmed you can leave when you like ( in a jap vehicle )

I am sure one of us can manage to transport anyone’s gear (with a non Jap car) if they are ready to go when we are to the public car park to save last year’s problem.



I would just like to say a huge thanks to Jerry for the loan of one of his fleet of gto’s/3000gt’s for the weekend of jae
Thanks to Jensen also, as the car us with him at the moment.
I’m really grateful for the loan, and it saves me loads of hassle bringing a Mercedes to jae.
See you all there.


That’s what is great about this club Nice work folks .

Must say thanks to @jensenrichardson too as with my car troubles , last week he offered to lend me his to get to Jae .

So much more than a car club :sunglasses:


Aww cheers , no offence but if that’s the case I will ask one of the TT guys to ferry my stuff , if I’m not allowed in until 3 you will still be getting to the gates :joy:



Well car is mostly loaded and hooked up to the battery charger , got beer to get in the morning and it’s all systems go , all she needs to do tomorrow is start , only a minor issue then :joy:


Hi @lukas, are you bringing my suspension bushes? Start to pack the car tomorrow, not my baby :sob: but there will always be another show. :wink:

Terry :sunglasses:


Terry don’t forget to bring 50 quid cash , you will need it as a deposit to get the jag in ( if that’s what your bringing ) its refunded once you take the car back out after a pre determined time :+1:


All packed and pacing the house like a caged tiger now , to those going today have a good journey and see you later , for all you folks going tomorrow enjoy your extra nights sleep in your own beds and have a safe journey , see you all tomorrow for another great GTOUK weekend :beers:


Safe trip everyone, the weather is looking decent for us.

Looking forward to another amazing JAE.

See you there.

Steve & Tracie