JAE 2019 Thursday 8th August - Sunday 11th August


JAE 2019 – GTOUK Full Member Advance Tickets
£45.00 – £65.00

Japanese Auto Extravaganza 2019

Car show and camping event held at JAE at the Norfolk Showground Thursday 9 August - Sunday 11 August

The Norfolk Showground
Dereham Road
Norfolk NR5 0TT

Ticket includes:
Entry to the event grounds
Access to the JAE show
Entry to all the JAE organised competitions and events
Pitch fee for one tent for the duration of the event
And more listed in the Description below.


Includes Food and Soft Drinks

Included in the GTOUK club advance ticket price, the club will be providing food 2 x Breakfast (Sat & Sun), 2 x Evening Meal (Friday & Saturday). Soft Drinks & Punch, the club will subsidise this.

Under 12’s

Under 12’s do not need a entry ticket and will also have free meals but must be accompanied by a full paying adult. Includes – 2 x Breakfast (Sat & Sun), 2 x Evening Meal (Friday & Saturday). Soft Drinks.

We are sorry but the club can not cater for vegetarians/vegans/lactose/allergy ect, due to health and safety/limited cooking equipment. We are sure all members will understand this.
If you have specific dietary needs you are welcome to bring your own cooking utensils and food, and use the fridge /cookers ect.

Ticket will be available until 14th July, through the club shop – Full Members only – No reserve of tickets without payment.

Tickets will be posted around the end of July

the Club has 10 early bird tickets which I think also come with a Tee Shirt

1, Simon Baker
2, Tracy Parkin
3, Steve Parkin
4, Mark Leach
5, Stan Leach
6, Jon Pepper
7, Doris Pepper
8, Dave Perkins
9, Anna Perkins
10, James Jones

Club Events and Dates 2019

stan and i


Can I put my name down for this too please I will have a passenger with me so I assume I need 2 tickets?


@martymiller I went a couple of Years ago , worth it !


1, Simon Baker
2, Tracy Parkin
3, Steve Parkin
4, Mark leach
5, Stan
6, @jensenrichardson
7, @martymiller


The club will now be providing meals and soft drinks FREE to full members buying tickets through the club shop.
This also includes under 12’s who receive free entry with a paying adult.

We have 10 early bird tickets available @ £45
When those tickets are sold, ticket prices will be £65.

(Please read the updated first post in this thread for full details)


1, Simon Baker
2, Tracy Parkin
3, Steve Parkin
4, Mark leach
5, Stan
6, @jensenrichardson
7, @martymiller
8, James Jones @James3000GT
9, Dave p
10, Anna p (+Katie) won’t be camping tho… think I can walk that one.


7 Tickets paid for, 3 left in the Club shop at the discounted price of £45.00.

When those have gone the Club can purchase more tickets, but the price will be increased as per the JAE ticket prices.


  1. Simon Baker - PAID
  2. Tracy Parkin - PAID
  3. Steve Parkin - PAID
  4. Mark Leach - PAID
  5. Stan Leach - PAID
  6. Jensen - PAID
  7. Martyn Miller
  8. James Jones - PAID
  9. Dave Perkins - PAID
  10. Anna Perkins - PAID

So we have 1 ticket left at the discount price of £45.

The price going forward for a Thursday to Sunday ticket will be £50, still a huge discount this year when the Club is paying for food, which on previous years was £15 per person so on 2 tickets you have already saved £30.

However, we need to know numbers before buying anymore tickets.



Tracie I get home from.offshore Monday get that paymebt sorted soon as I am home


OK @martymiller , be great to have you there.



Ok so the original 10 Tickets are now sold, I have secured a few more tickets @£45

But they will increase after those so best get ordering to between £50 - £65 PP



Club Area booked

GTO UK Plot 35

1.Simon Baker - PAID
2.Tracy Parkin - PAID
3.Steve Parkin - PAID
4.Mark Leach - PAID
5.Stan Leach - PAID
6.Jensen - PAID
7.James Jones - PAID
8.Dave Perkins - PAID
9.Anna Perkins - PAID
10.Jon Pepper - PAID
11.Kasia Pepper - PAID
12.Martyne - PAID
13.Sheena - PAID


Someone cant spell :roll_eyes::thinking::grin:


Think we’ve secured a good central plot there, Mr. President must have been on the ball when they went on sale :wink:.

A new venue for all of us this year, but we always ‘own it’ in our Club way and have a great time.



Club stand booked, marquee being sorted, the 1 and only GTOUK DJ Peps booked, fun, food, sunshine, this was one of mine and @stevie first events and not missed one since.



JAE anyone? :rofl:


The months are flying by now and this will soon be upon us, so to update the list, tickets still available in the Club Shop.


1.Simon Baker - PAID
2.Tracy Parkin - PAID
3. Steve Parkin - PAID
4. Mark Leach - PAID
5. Stan Leach - PAID
6. Faye - PAID
7. Jensen - PAID
8. James Jones - PAID
9. Jon Pepper - PAID
10. Martyne - PAID
11. Sheena - PAID
12/13. Louis + 1 PAID



All Tickets emailed out this afternoon



Got mine thanks