Japfest - 6th May 2018 , Silverstone Circuit

(Tracy Parkin) #146

Heard about what has happened @aaron1991ellis Steve and I are gutted for you, your car is a beaut don’t give up.

You still coming to Japfest?


(Colin Lockyer) #147

Getting closer

(Aaron Ellis) #148

Thanks @Tracie i wont be giving up ive pulled it apart to replace all the valves and anything that could be damaged and will be back together again in no time hopefully :slight_smile: i will be coming japfest still yeah so i will have a walk over to our stand then i can still enjoy it without the car there haha

(David Perkins) #149

Please do come mate :+1: so disappointed when you said… Us MK3 are a rare breed… tubs or no tubs :sob:

(Aaron Ellis) #150

Ino mate :pensive: Il come and show my face if any of you remember what it looks like :joy: Will be a good turnout anyway so looking forward to seeing everyone elses cars in person. You will all have to wait to see mine a little longer but atleast when it does make it to a show it should be tuned by then :+1:t2:

(Dave Soper) #151

Just finished and wrapped up again ready for tomorrow’s evening drive down and the Sunday gathering.
Not bad but not purfect work in progress I say.!

(Reece Cambridge) #152

I’m gutted that I couldn’t bring my GTO! Drove past some of you earlier on, but I’m on trade stand today with JaysWax, so if you want any cleaning or degwikig stuff then come over, ask for me(reece) and I’ll sort you out !

(Jake Waller) #153

Nice to see some of you today, didn’t get to see everyone but all the cars were looking good :sunglasses:

(Dave Soper) #154

Home safe and sound, would just like to say thank you to everyone we met today you all made japfest a great day and I proud to that I’m a member of this group but that might change after the birthday bash lol
Wishing Steve all the best and get well soon ! (Sue your carer will be asking)
and To everyone else take care until the next time :+1::+1::+1::+1:

(Terry Wilkes) #155

Nice to have met you both Dave, see you at the next meet?

Terry :sunglasses:

(Alec Shewan) #156

Was my 1st meet with you all and won’t be my last :blush: will be going to more as was good to put a face to ppl and was good chatting to you all
I had fun thank you all :blush:

(Jensen Richardson) #157

What a great 2 days.
Great to see so many cars and members.
Loved catching up with you guys, and meeting some new faces as well.
Brilliant weekend guys :+1:
Off to apply another bottle of after sun.
Should have put some sun cream on :hushed:

(Terry Wilkes) #158

I put loads of factor 50 first thing, taking no chances with a day like that, was 'kin hot tho, really feels like a matey and family atmosphere on these meets. A real good felling about this club.

Rock on Tommy,

Yup, had a jw (jamacan woodbine) when I got home :roll_eyes: so am now thinking ‘what’s for dinner’ :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Terry :sunglasses:

(Will Armstrong) #159

Absolutely fab day and great to meet you guys. My little fella loved looking around your cars too

(Jerry Gauci) #160

It was a great day guys and gals nice to see you all,great turn out today defo one of the biggest club stands on show today we have some different cars on offer plus we have the hulk is a bonus.
Gtouk is growing to be respected as any other high end Japanese mark
Jerry :grinning:


Cracking turnout guys well done all .

Photos of the cars look great , what an absolute scorcher of a day you had too :sunglasses:

(Marty_K) #162

Another great day.
Thanks to all involved in organising.
See you all next time.