Japfest - 6th May 2018 , Silverstone Circuit

(Jake Waller) #126

Where is everyone driving from on Sunday morning will meet you all there

(Kevin Rhodes) #127

I’m coming from castle Bromwich

(Jensen Richardson) #128

And like any good woman I have taken sooo long doing one I haven’t got time to do the other.
Didn’t even get my hair cut as planned!

(David Perkins) #129

Sounds like me trying on last year’s gtouk shirt :astonished::joy:

(Tracy Parkin) #130

Think you are in Notts we are probably closest but we are traveling down on the Saturday for the AGM.

If you would like convoy to Japfest then being at the Hotel by 8.00am is the best bet.


(David Perkins) #131

I’m ready :purple_heart:


Looking damn fine :joy::joy:

(Jensen Richardson) #133

I’m ready…

To start getting ready.

(David Perkins) #134

Yeh ok ffs :joy:

(James Jones) #135

I’m being lazy and paying immigrants to do it :joy:


(Mark Peasnall) #136

Nearly ready :joy::joy:

(Tracy Parkin) #137

Love the little house she’s in.

Coming along in sprints now Mark won’t be long till we see this baby in the flesh.


(James Jones) #138

Well that’s karma for get home from the car wash and look :eyes:

[email protected]@cks to it I’m going inside :sob:

(David Perkins) #139

Checked in hotel as have the fly’s to my car…
Cleaning in carpark gotta love the looks you get.

(Jerry Castle) #140

l got those flies too Dave lol At the holiday inn with a nice beer, then a bit of car cleaning. See you all tomorrow.


Must have flown into you head on as there’s no way you chased them down :joy:

(Dave Soper) #142

Was you driving a little to fast or did you hit a swarm :honeybee::honeybee: (sorry thats the closest thing to a fly) lol

(Mark Peasnall) #143

Hopefully not @Tracie I have a date in my head to remain a secret for now as in the hands of others now for the rest of the paintwork and other parcels slowly coming in all I’ll say for now is it will be at at least 1 show this year even if I have to tow it there :joy:

(Aaron Ellis) #144

Soooooo yeah… the car wont be making it to silverstone! :-1:t2: Dont think i can take anymore bad luck with this thing :weary:

(Tracy Parkin) #145

1 viewing this year will be epic @markie1978 you’ll drag us all to a Winter meet I guess, coats un all, but we’ll want to go just to see your car :joy: