Japfest - 6th May 2018 , Silverstone Circuit

(Tracy Parkin) #106

Wow @mickJ that has got pretty mucky since Spring Action Day :rofl:

See you on Sunday all bright and clean.


(Mike Jenkins) #107

Lol, caught me out, I forgot about recent photos at castle combe :laughing:

(Mark Leach) #108

that looks so good

(Tracy Parkin) #109

Still looking good. :sun_with_face::sun_with_face::sun_with_face:


(David Perkins) #110

For those not staying at hotel or coming to the AGM, we will be leaving the hotel at 8:15 am sharp Sunday.
So if you want to convoy with (lets face it) The BIGGEST and best GTO/3000GT convoy we have seen in a while, be there or be square. .:rofl:
If you cant make that you need to be in by 9:30am at the latest, pubic from 10am.

Cheers Dave

(Jerry Gauci) #111

Great I’ll be there at 7:45 am for the convoyyyyy

(Dave Soper) #112

We will be there 7.30 to say quick hi to everyone then convoy can’t wait to see so many GTOs​:grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:

(Jensen Richardson) #113

Im going to wherever is closest first. If that happens to be the hotel great, as you guys can tell me if anything falls off and a possible lift.
If silverstone is closer I will hopefully meet you there :grinning:

(James Jones) #114

If you need a lift let me know bud.


(Jensen Richardson) #115

Cheers James. Sure i will be fine.
Just going to take it easy no heavy right foot and easy gear changes.

(David Perkins) #116

I will be behind him… quite a way behind him :joy:

(Jake Waller) #117

Well iv got my tickets ready, cars not 100% but still be coming

(Colin Lockyer) #118

Mines still in the air :grin::grin:


If ŷou run out of time Colin I can loan you one , reasonable rates , cost 6k for the weekend , no need to bring it back after if you don’t want to


(David Perkins) #120

Mines going in the air after work, still not ready for weekend!
Retinted quarters last night… rush rush


You don’t leave right now you won’t make it , you are already going to miss the AGM , ring the AA , cmon Dave you can do this at last on the back of a truck you still have time

(David Perkins) #122

Get back to your caravan swinging site… you have a sore weekend coming up…

Hey guess who I found in the shed last night… only tinky winky :joy: I thought we killed him :joy:

(David Perkins) #123


Brilliant position again number 4, right in the thick of it :+1:

(Jensen Richardson) #124

Why did I start this today.
Nothing fits :joy:

(Tracy Parkin) #125

That sounds like a woman trying last year’s Summer clothes on :joy:

Just saying :rofl: