Japfest - 6th May 2018 , Silverstone Circuit


Is this the final lineup?
@ScottMR did you book ?
Steve & Tracy
Alec (Bringing Rover)
Lukas (Track Time)
Jerry (Jerry)
Marty K.
Mick J
Chis (track time + power runs)
Dave Anna and Rusty
Steve And Angie


Real good turnout that is folks , signs are looking good for this years meets looking at that list :sunglasses: GTOUK out in force


Scott is paying on the gate @Daveperkins.



Whoop whoop… still a bit early but I always like to believe the good weather forecasts, if it has said rain I’d have dismissed it as too far away :joy:



Getting closer now :grinning:
What time is everyone aiming to get there?
I know alot of members are heading from the hotel.


On some previous japfest events we have recieved tickets via email days before the event.
Please keep an eye out for your tickets.
Any issues let me know and I will help out as much as possible.
I personally had issues last year where I only recieved half the tickets I had ordered.
And the day before the event I was chasing my track time passes.
Hopefully we will have no issues, but double check your emails contain all your tickets and passes.


im getting to the hotel on fri and going late to japfest as just got entry no car pass :confused:
so will find you all after you all set up the site and done all the hard work :slight_smile: lol


Hi All,

Just to let you know Japfest tickets have been emailed out today. You can enter the site from 7 am onwards with all club cars needing to be parked up by 9:30. The event is open to the general public from 10 am onwards.




Ours came on email today. :hugs:



got my ticket today :slight_smile:


Got mine too.
Jerry :grinning:


Received and printed :ok_hand:


Same here received and print in morning after work roll on the 6th were we came meet sober or hunger for some lol


Did someone say 2 GTOUK meets next weekend :grin:


Getting there


Don’t suppose anyone has a power steering pump for sale.getting abit nosey now :joy:


Good example to set Kev, looking good. I’ll get the polish out this week. You know how it is when the weather is cold and you let things go a bit :wink:


Your car has definitely gone to pot Mick, lol but sure it will be gleaming again soon .


@mickJ that would be the nicest car to clean from that to shiny in 1 day or so :rofl:


I’m going to be there, but not with my GTO, going to be on a trade stand but I’ll look out for you lot !