Just an idea, GTO birthday party


Why don’t we have a big meet, maybe camping or something for the 20th birthday party for GTO’s (no arguments whether it was 1989 etc etc).

What I was thinking was maybe a bbq few beers, somewhere central. possibly somewhere like billing. We could make up a few banners, invite a magazine along.

Maybe bring a few parts we have along to sale to other members etc etc.

Just a thought, but maybe something to kick off a few bigger size meets.

Possibly invite friends and other jap cars, to share our interest.

Let me know your thoughts, I would be happy to arrange this but would like help. Any ideas welcome.


good idea , 2nd that :lol:

Yep, I’m interested :slight_smile:

Let me know if you need a hand organising it 8)

Great idea!

Good idea, sounds like fun :slight_smile:

Like it!! I can do any outdoor banners you need…


sounds like a good weekend event. Great chance for a newbie like me to meet some great people.

[quote] (no arguments whether it was 1989 etc etc).


Spoil sport !!

Yep, that’s a really good idea. Billing is the perfect spot - hope it’s good weather - I’ll definitely make the effort.


Thanks for the quick feedback, I think we should make this happen. Ill start to put some thoughts togther any ideas welcome. Sorry Rob thought you would like that :smiley:


Good idea Neil 8)

also it may be something we should make known at jae too

Craig :slight_smile:

Yep I’m in, might have to get a lift there tough!! :smiley:


me and tania defo up for this great idea

Sounds like a plan !!

mark " likes events" dale

think it will be one for next summer unless arses get into gear and do it this year ? after sept will be cold , not that it matters to me but some members might be feeling the chill in their golden years not mentioning any names :lol: :lol: was that ok mark , i think thats what you said ?? :twisted:

Getting a move on is the idea, I am planning to have the first one this year. :D.

I am contacting Billing to start with to see if they have any space.


I always liked Billing
The first couple of JAE’s there felt more of an atmosphere
Great if they have space this year, but as Rich says make sure it before September :wink:


I have had a very good conversation with Billing and will post some different options and dates up shortly (all summer months so no panic with camping in the winter)

I have also found out, there is a hotel and the edge of the site (which I forgot about) also there is static caravans etc.


I have to agree with Malcolm, Billing was a far better venue when they had J.A.E. there. The atmosphere was much better, except for when the club b.b.q. was nicked by some thieving pikeys. :lol: :lol:

Mark. :slight_smile:

craig and boo prob to see about that :slight_smile: