Just been charged 1p?


Not worried about the pennie but what’s it for?
Jerry :grinning:


Great to see you have renewed and back for another GTOUK year, on the ball there.

The 1p is a ‘Paypal thing’ to do with the automated renewals I think, don’t understand it myself, but ‘apparently’ it’s part of the process, and you only get charged the subscription price of £20.00.

Thanks for raising it though, as you are one of the first to renew, and we’ll probably get the question again, as we did last year.

Good to keep you back for another year.

Tracie :snail:


This was raised last year, hopefully Dean explained it in this thread

Club Subscription and the Penny

Tracie :snail:


Cheers I’m very happy that I’ve joined and very happy to stay, it’s invaluable the 20 pounds for what you get in return.

Sorry I’m being thick is that mean the renewal is going to happen automatically? It’s my first renewal and I want to make sure I’ll stay?


so paypal subscription is weird, you join for 5 months, for your year, we then need to get that to become the 1 April, so it charges a penny to get that in line, then around the 1 April it will charge you the £20



You do realise that its 5.5p per day :joy: :joy:

Terry :sunglasses:


They are kidding you on Jerry the truth is …we raise money to buy Dave new outfit for AGM :grin:


Ive a costume dept in my house now… Mathew tonight I’m gonna be… Kylie minouge


Please please please don’t start posting pictures of yourself in small gold hot pants!


Do you have any Max?