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(Tammy Mccarthy) #1

New to the group just saying hi :blush: Been following on Facebook for a while. I’ve owned my 1991 gto since October. Only 55k on clock and had a full engine rebuild. It’s took us till now to get it actually running great after coming across a few issues. Timing wasnt right, speedo didnt work, wasnt registering there was fuel in tank ect. Now back on the road and hoping to get her to a few shows this year.

(Terry Wilkes) #2

Welcome, got the first part right. Introduce yourself, put up some pics, now all you need to do is join and then you get access to all the technical stuff.

Is it silver or white?

Whereabouts in the UK are you as @spiros will be after you once joined :smile::smile::smile:

Terry :sunglasses:

(Spiros Kapadohas) #3

Welcome to GTOUK car is looking Good :+1:

(Spiros Kapadohas) #4

How the hell You managed to get here first ? Are you not working on the car today :roll_eyes:

(Dave Soper) #5

Welcome to the group not been member for long too
Great community here will help with anything from advice to parts
I’ll be meeting up with a load of members at Japfest Silverstone in may hopefully see you there .

(Spiros Kapadohas) #6

@tammymccarthy Meets 2018 http://www.gto.club/events/

(Spiros Kapadohas) #7

Good on You Dave always nice for all members and the committee reading positive feedback :+1:

(David Perkins) #8

Welcome to GTOUK :+1:
Lovely looking car :heart:


(Tammy Mccarthy) #9

It’s silver in hoping to get a full respray at some point this year as paintwork isn’t great got over spray everywhere and side skirts are showing primer. But unsure on what colour to go. Stay original?
I’m in Mansfield Notts

(Ben Layton) #10

Im sure i see this for sale on a facebook group? Welcome to the nuthouse, love those wheels :ok_hand:t3:

As for color RED tammy, deffo red!

(Tammy Mccarthy) #11

Yes I was selling it as I can’t find the time to use it… But I’m going to make time :joy::grin: I can’t get rid of her, not now she’s running right and we’ve fixed all the faults

(Terry Wilkes) #12

Hi Spiros,

yes I have been working on my car but had to take a time out for toast and a cuppa. Plonked myself down in front of the computer and started to offer advise, give a bit of encouragement, welcome new members and Ben Costello who hasn’t been on here for quite a while :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Terry :sunglasses:

(Ben Layton) #13

A very, very long time indeed! Glad your not getting rid now tammy, some right :bell::end:’s on facebook, probably the worst place to try and sell a car nobody knows about :joy: been thinking about selling my wife on the black market to buy some rota drift GTR’s for my gto, now they would look nice, and id have more money to myself each month too! (Im joking btw) :joy:

(Tammy Mccarthy) #14

Helped me change my mind though with how many stupid offers i got. Some people got into a argument all because they said I was lying about the miles as it says 88… not taking into consideration it’s in km :joy: worst mistake I made putting it on there

(Ben Layton) #15

Im pretty sure i put a few poeple in their place too, names ben layton on book of faces, long story short mum n dad were too tight to change mine and siblings names after marriage, or too skint either way :laughing:

(David Perkins) #16

Straight in with full membership… no messing @tammymccarthy excellent job :+1:
Look forward to meeting you at a meet…


(Jerry Castle) #17

Welcome aboard the good ship GTOUK, nice photos.


The photos certainly hide any hint of overspray - she takes a good photo matey. Well, being a silver owner myself, I think I can say that your car befits silver very well. What’s the colour coding on the bulkhead label say…?
Mind you, there’s loads of silver variants out there.
Naturally, the ultimate colour for a GTO, eh! :smile:

(Tammy Mccarthy) #19

Overspray isn’t bad it’s on the bonnet and roof mainly but we had clay bar out yesterday and most has come off. Plus painted the sideskirts on sunday she’s starting to look good. It’s just the black bit around the back window which is still bad. I think that’s we’re all overspray come from as it looked like someone tried painting it before and reacted. 2 more days left off work so should hopefully sort it out… If the weather changes :persevere::crossed_fingers:

(Mark Stanhope) #20

Welcome to the group Tammy
I’m only up the road from you in Bolsover :blush: