If you want to spend some time with us on the stand Charlie there is a wristband for you.
Be great to have you along, which days are you wanting to come,
Bit of chatting about our club and cars to all the visitors to our pitch.
Thanks Charlie



Can you post a list of the tickets issued to members in the format below, it makes it easier for members to see the availability. Then cut and paste as tickets are taken.




It reads above that allocation of tickets means spending time on the GTOUK stand, but this is optional not obligatory.



Wasn’t a list of days/tickets done?
I know it was asked for.
Possibly got placed in an earlier nec post?


Jerry did it here in the first post, but think it needs updating since more people have come along.



Hi Tracie and everybody.
Its part of the plan to post up a daily list and l have it written out , but waiting to hear from one as which days, then will know what is still available.
Will post up tomorrow anyway so its all clear.


Put the post up and just edit it , might find a few more folks tag along that way


As it stands, this is the list so far of those attending the show across the three days and being involved on our stand.


Jerry SC


Jerry SC
Mark L
Hawk (Geoff)
Mutley99 (Ian)


Jerry SC
Mark L
Orv (Ian)

Jerry SC, Jensen, Kevin and Lukas doing the set up on Thursday 8th Nov.

So going on this, we have 24 wristbands (tickets) f o c for the stand attendees over the three days and we have at least 2 (maybe more depending on Charlie 2,s attendance) available for anyone who wishes to join us. We are issued 8 per day but we can swop spares for another day if necessary. Would be great to get all these chances used up, its a fantastic show and l am so pleased GTOUK is a part of it.

Will update later on today.

Who wants to be there? First come first seved.

Cheers all.


Right guys, all booked off work so only thing now is to sort accommodation as I live on the south coast. Does anyone have any recommendations for cheap but sleepable accommodation in the area near or around the NeC?? Any help would be massively appreciated thanks!


Hi Charlie
Jens and l are staying at the Hilton Garden Inn which is a new hotel (does not show up on google) a few minutes from the Nec maybe try there first.
Sent you a pm by the way.
There are a number of other hotels on site, ibis holiday inn etc, some can be quite expensive.


Hilton garden inn is a little expensive for my budget, ie not a very big one.
Currently looking at air BNB nearby for about 25 a night as I’d need to check in Thursday night but I also don’t know what time I finish Thursday yet so I can’t even plan it out yet… god shift work gets irritating.

Update: looks like this trip will be costing a fair bit of cash may have to head towards the garden inn recommendation.
Also just realised I haven’t even thought about food yet…
Update 2: price for Hilton was per night not for the 3 night stay. The search continues…


Don’t suppose we get standard NEC parking with the wristbands?


Good luck Charlie

Now this is a notice for all attending and parking vehicles outside the Nec, we get a limited number of parking tickets which in some way we can try to spread across the group if we can and we will sort this out on the Friday. Otherwise we have to pay for parking, its a drag but it is the way it is so if we can double up with cars in any way that would help.


We still have 2 slots left for this amazing event so any members who want to be with us on the stand and see the show as well. Would be great to have you there.

First come first served.


I’ll get the bus there the first day then then work it out from there. Sorting out the BnB later so will know then about buses and such.


I messed up quite badly, when I booked the weekend off work my boss failed to mention I had already booked the Saturday and Sunday off where me and my girlfriend had planned a weekend away. Proper scatterbrain I am, anyways I’m afraid I’ll only be able to make it down for the Friday now.

On the brightside i still get to meet you all and see the cars and a bit of the show even if it isn’t to the exten I had imagine.
Still look forward to seeing you all.


See you then, cheers.


Latest update
Now have 4 spaces for the NEC show that’s just over a week away.
Be really good to have some more members with us for this event on any of the three days (9th-11th)
Come on down.
Please post up asap.


Hi Jerry,
It Mutley99 aka Ian Hawks (Goeff ) brother in law
Geoff volunteered us both to man the stand at the show :slight_smile:
I understand you have asked if I am a full member I have just subscribed
Thanks Ian


Thanks Ian
Thats great, put you on the daily list and the wb will be there for you for Sat and Sun.
Cheers mate. Excellent you will be there.


Excellent planned turnout for the club this time, got 11 members across the three days plus others visiting the show should be really good and a lot of flag flying for GTOUK