Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show

(Jerry Castle) #1

Hi Folks
So this show , one of the biggest in the classic car world is happening on the 10-12 of November and we will be showing two cars (mk1 and mk4)
It’s at the NEC and will be massive with thousands of visitors to promote our club and the cars to.
It’s very much about Gtouk getting to a bigger audience and showing our cars that a lot of enthusiasts don,t know that much about.
For the three days there are some free entry tickets available for any members who would like to join us on the stand (myself, Jensen and Kevin) and help promote the club, talk about the cars and get some time to look around as well.
There is a limited number of 6 per day and at present there are three available for Friday and Sunday with one available for the Saturday.
It would be really great to have some other members there on the stand or to just come and visit, this is a really excellent major event and a great showcase for Gtouk.
Hope there are some of you who will join us.
I will give more details about the event shortly.
Cheers all.


Sorry Jerry can’t make it as I’m going away the following weekend and have a fair bit to sort out

Are you not taking the one @stevie and @Tracie worked hard on , doing the wrap for you ? Thought you would be showing that one off

Craig :grinning:

(Jerry Castle) #3

Hi Craig
that one needs a fair bit to get to a decent show condition, the new look with the wrapped roof looks excellent, just what I was hopping for, great work from S and T.
But I want to present the mk4 as it is a rare car in the UK as we know and striking with the the front and the spoiler, so it will be black and white on the red carpet.!!!

(Tracy Parkin) #4

Steve and I will be there for the day on the Saturday.

Not been before but heard good reports from the peeps who attended the one earlier this year, so looking forward to it.

Tracie :rabbit:

(Jerry Castle) #5

So far the list is

Mark L

Mark L

So spaces for Friday and Sunday come on down.

(David Perkins) #6

I really can’t drive that far at moment, have a great time guy’s. @jerry_SC I have placed the event advertising on the Facebook page.
Cheers Dave

(Scott Robertshaw) #7

Im coming saturday

(Jerry Castle) #8

Cheers Dave
that’s great as much publicity the better as Clarion want us to promote and we want to get to be a regular feature at the two big NEC events can only do the club good.
Thanks again Dave, Sorry you can’t be there.

(Jerry Castle) #9

So still looking for members to join us on Friday (3) and Sunday (2) fantastic event come on down.!!!

(Stephen Slater) #10

Hi jerry
I’m coming down Saturday so see you there!
Tracie are you bringing some t-shirts as I would like one, size I am guessing M or L


(Jerry Castle) #11

Cheers BC be good to see you there, l am briging some of my Gtouk clothing, hoodies and hats and stuff so you can have a look as well.
Cheers see you Saturday.

(Tracy Parkin) #12

Hi Steve,

Yes we are collecting some more stock of the Club T Shirts this week so will bring those.

We are only at the show on the Saturday so if anyone wants one on Friday or Sunday let me know this week.

Tracie :dog:

(Tracy Parkin) #13

@jerry_SC what are the arrangements for getting the tickets from you, do we just ring you upon arrival?


Tracie :dog:

(Jerry Castle) #14

Hi yes just call me and l will meet you outside the entrance no worries.

(Jerry Castle) #15

Preparing the car with Scott today he has got the car looking superb and still stuff to do tomorrow.
Great day and looking forward to next weekend and meeting up with any members who come along. Still would like some extra hands for the stand.


(Jerry Castle) #16


Well done Scott and Kelvin :sunglasses: Top job

(Scott Robertshaw) #18

Pics dont do it justice tbh,gonna look superb under those show lighting booms,challenge doing a white car but were winning now @jerry_SC,just a shame the mop exploded 3/4 the way through but we soldiered on,enjoy your evening at the hotel,see you tommorrow for round 2 weather permitting

(Kevin Rhodes) #19


Cmon Kev hurry up there’s only a few days left :joy:

Looking good chap :sunglasses: