Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show

(Kevin Rhodes) #21

Plenty of time left on Wednesday-Thursday night :grin:

(Tracy Parkin) #22

Hi @jerry_SC,

What time are the doors open to the public on Saturday?

Sorry for all the questions, just have to make the most of it not being us organizing for once :joy:

Was a genuine question though, lol.

Tracie :frog:

(David Perkins) #23

What about bacon rolls @jerry_SC it’s a UK tradition that the host does the :pig2::pig:
Have a great meat guys Dave

(Jerry Castle) #24

Public entry in from 9am we can get in from 8am.
Soon be there!!!

(Jerry Castle) #25

No fry ups alowed Dave unless you got the permit risk assm etc so disappointed :grin:

(Tracy Parkin) #26

Thanks Jerry, hoping to be there about 10am.

Tracie :frog:

(Kevin Rhodes) #27

Yup they make you buy them from the cafes quite cheap only £9 each :flushed: spent over £100 in 3 days on ■■■■ there last time :man_facepalming:t4:

(Jerry Castle) #28

So ready to show, got the car in today and some new carpet!! Knackered now after laying it. Was first display car in but it was worth it.
Getting rest of the stand set up tomorrow.
So come on down members be great to see you there.

(Scott Robertshaw) #29

Laying the carpet lol…you mean you took it out of your car and rolled it out?

Car still clean i hope

(Jerry Castle) #30

Car still clean Scott, and this is new carpet all sized and stuck down as per NEC requirements not a 5 minute job.
The car looks fantastic and massive thanks for your help on Monday. When l look at it every time it’s a thrill can’t quite believe it’s mine!!!

(Scott Robertshaw) #31

Glad to contribute in my own way towards the show

(Jerry Castle) #32

Hall 5 stand no 740 Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show, that’s the place to be 10-12 November.

(Kevin Rhodes) #33

(Kevin Rhodes) #34

Come on guys who’s coming down to the nec it’s only me and Jerry tomorrow and there’s 2 free tickets going :grin:

(Jensen Richardson) #35


Here’s a sneak peak at a few cars at the NEC this weekend. Grabbed a few shots as I was helping set up.
If you have never been I can assure you it’s a great show. I went to this one last year with Jerry to have a look before he secured a place for the club. I did a day of speed walking round and still didn’t see all the cars and stalls.
Honestly a great day out.


Looking good guys :sunglasses:

@jerry_SC , it’s indoors mate , don’t think it’s going to snow you can take that hi viz off :joy::joy:

(Jerry Castle) #37

It’s the rules was not on yesterday and got collared!!!

(Jerry Castle) #38

Classic Motor Show now open, where are you guys!!!

(Tracy Parkin) #39

At work lol


(Stephen Slater) #40

Just want to say a well done to Jerry and Kev for putting together the stand for the show this weekend.

Great to see such a wide variety of cars and Clubs.
If you haven’t been to one of the NEC shows you really are missing out, you will come out of there full of inspiration.

Good to meet Steve and Tracy again, (not tried my shirt on yet but will do soon)

Like I Said if you haven’t been to the NEC, get yourselves down (Or UP) there to support the lads