Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show

(Jerry Castle) #41

Cheers Steve thanks for stopping by.

(Tracy Parkin) #42

Steve and I went yesterdayand have to say it really is a great show some amazing cars there.

Clear to see @jerry_SC and @kevin_rhodes have both put a lot of work and time in especially when Kevin runs his own business, so time is money, and has a new baby at home. So well done guys.

Loads to see, 1 day wasn’t enough to get round the whole show but we did manage to walk around a bit off the stand and see some amazing cars.

As a ‘write up’ I’d say it needs more of ours Club cars there and more members as someone needs to be on the stand all the time for the public foot traffic, of which there was loads, whilst others have a break… toilet…food…look around etc.

With only 4 people for a full day it’s quite tiring and on Friday it was just Kevin and Jerry on the stand.

Great day out though and nice to catch up with you again @Blackcat, planning to be at the next one in March hopefully with The Hulk :hugs:


(David Perkins) #43

Brilliant event loads of publicly for the club and Jerry got some new members… please pass those over to @3000gt to add manually, you may need to get them to join first via email of a link I suggest @jerry_SC
Thanks Dave

(Jerry Castle) #44

Yes a really great time, massive event that was a absolute pleasure to do.
Big big thanks to Kevin, Mark, Steve, Tracie and Jensen, (who helped with the set up in spite of all he has going on right now) for their support over the 5 days of set up and show.
Looking forward to the next NEC event which is the Classic Car and Restoration Show in March and it would be good to hear from those who would like to show their cars and those who would like to be part of the crew on the stand.
Will post about this desperately later and give more info.