Looking for wheels or tyres

Hello fellow gto mates…

I am in need of a set of wheels if after market or set of tyres for the stock mk1 wheels. Im getting my car sorted at Westfields and will need a rubber or wheels to get on the road after. Im planning on buying a wheel for it but if not I can use the stock wheels to get it back on the road. Not planning on buying a new tyres for the stock wheels if im buying a new set anyway… Just wondering if any of you might have some spares…

Are you after anything specific ? And what sort of price have you got in mind for soem alloys ?

Nothing specific really. But if its for a substantial amount of money, then I prefer it to be something that I can use for a long time. What do you have? Can you send me photo?

Hi @Mac_Dagdagan

Look at my advert for my GTO I am breaking :sob: :sob: :sob:

I have set of 4 x 17 inch alloys for sale