Looking to but gto mr

hi there .so im looking to buy a gto mr…present car is a toyota sera and want something bit larger and turboed…have read the info on buying and am going to view this one this weekend.

does anyone know this one ? also im about 6’2 is this an issue in gto…my sera is small and sometimes smack my head when shutting door …thats why im selling it …too small.
thanks for any info …cheers rik

Hi and welcome to GTOUK , don’t instantly recognise it , you’ve read the buyers guide which is a wealth of info , I also check previous mot history on the gov website , if you haven’t done so already

Good luck and let us know how you get on



Welcome Rik
Seen this one advertised, quite like the black on red.
MR is a spec I like very much so good choice.
Might be a bit tight at 6.2 but the seat base does drop, or it does on my MR, on the electric controls and theres others with them your height.
Good luck with the purchase if you go for it.

Wellcome to GTOUK !

hi so the car has had no mot for 18 months …but the guy has resprayed it and he restores cars…he does not want to put an mot on it as he will have to insure it etc.
so that will be the problem…i have owned various cars and know what mot fails are .so as long as its not rusty in various places it should be ok .not sure about test drive either which im sure is essential? .and a deal can be struck im sure …or i could get one day insurance and try an mot before i buy …maybe
has anyone one else done this.

If I was You I would spend £ 60 MOT fee so I know where I stand and of course test drive it before buying !

yes i think your right …first have a look and see what its like .then decide .

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I’m 6’2
I have mk1 with a moonroof and fit ok
you need the seat back and the steering wheel has no adjustment for reach which would be been nice, but I can make it work

ok so local mot station over pick up mot and drop off …result

Hi Richard,

Welcome to GTOUK. This car has been for sale for a while so you may be able to knock the price a little.

I’m about 6’4” and my GT has a sunroof so slightly lower roof than without so you will be fine.


I’m 6’3 and its a struggle getting out the car getting in is the easy bit lol

Im 6ft and just fit, if i spike my hair up it rubs on the liner

You can adjust the bolsters and bottom of seat to lower urself a shade

@Spiros, 60 sqiudlies, I only pay 47 and the guy is a top bloke too.

The centre vent should be pulled back so it clips in, red and black is nice

@richard3, you don’t have to insure it just to put an MOT on it, if Fluffy fits anyone fits :laughing::laughing::laughing:

Terry :sunglasses:

Do you have any picture for the sera, one of my friends had 1 (was well know car in the club) but he ended up breaking it and keeps looking at them, but I dont think he can buy one atm

And they say Scots are stingy ??? :roll_eyes::smile:

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:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: yup

Terry :sunglasses:

I went to look at this last weekend.
Tappits make a bit of noise on start up.
Was not happy with the paint job done on it. Looked like a 5 year old was let loose on it.
Was very clean underneath though.
And overall was in good shape but needed some proper TLC I think someone with some time could make it right and those wheels are tiny for the car in person. Good luck with the viewing if you haven’t already done so.

Just looked at it… Yes not rusty underneath. Going to put it through an mot for the sake of 50 quid and take it from there. You think its worth money with mot.?

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How shall I send them to you

so failed mot i put it through can check on line …but excessive blue smoke on tick over and revving so could not test emissions…best £30 i spent …could it be because its only done 50 miles in last 2 years ?

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