Merc gone GTO insured!

(Marlowboy) #1

So finally, managed to sell my Merc SL500, delivered today with a tear in my eye! Loved it but back with the GTO
I’ve just tried to insure it with the Merc insurance Company, just swapping cars and they refuse because she is over 25yrs old, Privalege the Company cancelled the Merc and I started searching, think I’ve cracked it BUT I seem to remember if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is!
Went on a comparison site, Mustard, and they have given me a quote based on the reg number of £129-15 with Flux Direct but on closer inspection they are insuring a Sigma! Wonder if I can get away with putting a Sigma Badge on it?

(David Perkins) #2

This is why you can’t post in the correct section… you were one of the 100 :astonished:
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(Alec Shewan) #3

So he’s not a grounder then haha ( if you ever watched the 100 )