Missing Food Orders - Xmas Party



It seems we do not have food orders for the following who have booked to go to the Xmas Party, even though you may have given these to the hotel direct, the Club likes to take a list in case of any confusion on the night, so could you guys please post up your food order, either here, or on the Xmas Party thread.





Food given to hotel:

  • soup
  • salmon
  • profiteroles


Thanks Lukas.




Thanks for the nudge earlier :wink:

I still need to ring the hotel when I get chance too as I haven’t done it yet , my choices though are

Prawn cocktail



Thanking you :sunglasses:


Thanks Craig, looking forward to catching up with you. :kissing_heart:



Hi @Tracie

I gave the food list to the hotel:

2x prawn :shrimp:
2x Turkey
1x cheesecake
1x proffitaroles

As Helen is coming along may have to be good this year :joy:



Looking forward to it , seems ages since the last catch up :sunglasses:


Hi trac’e my self (steve ) and Sue would like to order the following dinners at the Xmas bash

Starters 2x prawn cocktails please
Main couses 2x Christmas dinners ie turkey
Pudding 1x Xmas pudding 1 X cheese cake

Thankyou ever so much for your time and effort look forward to seeing you and steve at the bash :+1::+1::+1::+1:


Thanks @kawascouse

Remember also you need to let the hotel know what you want food wise.

Oh and don’t forget your raffle prize :wink::wink::wink:

The thread about it in case you haven’t seen it, is HERE