My MK4 1999 Conversion

I thought I would post some pictures of the Conversion Paul (Honda Joe) and myself did to my old 1992 Mk1 GTO TT.

We had a small play and added a few minor parts to give it a more modern 1999 feel to it!!!

I will list a full description of what I did to this post later on when I have 5 minutes.

These pictures do not do the colour justice as it is so much lighter with the suns rays full on it…Look at the pics and see how it changes how bright it is with different light reflections

At this point i would like to thank Paul Jarvi for his never ending help in my strive to finish my car !! We will finish your MK4 too bud !!!

Pete (Rzeeck) for total lack of faith in us finishing it, sarcasm, but helping out when we needed it most …Thanks Mate !!! If only Corrine knew what you could do with a Dremel !!!

And all the customers who saw it before it was finished and gave us help and encouragement… You know who you are Thank You…

This is what a Proper conversion looks like with all the brackets added, no one else tells you about people !!!

Edit !!! Yes all the parts are available from ourselves to do this conversion !!

Alas The Lenso Muse wheels are now discontinued and no longer available

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Ooh - well done!


at ■■■■■■ last, but i must say it looks awesome love the colour and the black alloys, cant wait to see it in flesh.

only thing it needs is bigger brakes and another exhaust lol.

Been a long time coming - glad to see it up on the board!

Yes, rather hard to photograph, but here are a few :

(before the black wheels which look great! :slight_smile: )

Think we will try and get a proper photoshoot soon! :slight_smile: The paint is really something to look at it real life :slight_smile:

Rob has helped me no end with mine, and although ‘getting there’ still there will be another mk4 turned out from the 'empire

…and get some of these Rob



Looking good there burger boy.

Mark. :smiley:

looks mint Rob, been wondering what you do with all that spare time you’ve had over the years!! Interesting to see you’ve left the black centre section in the front bumper, any plans to cut it our or you going to leave it like that? Think it actually looks fine as it is.

Long time coming Rob, nice to see it finally finished looks great!

Rob, look’s superb! well worth the long wait!!


Looks ■■■■■■ mint. Well done matey, truely envious.

Nice one Rob :wink:

Stunning looking vehicle


Looks awesome, the paint work is fantastic, although My personal preferance is the lenso’s in silver.
Jeff. 8)

wow, be a shame when a big number plate has to go on the front of it. must be a way round it???

the paint from the 2nd lot of pics looks amazing. ill be to afraid to take it out…

:shock: :shock: :shock:

My god hes finished one :lol:

looks nice fella 8) ,

you could knock these out by the boatload though if you kept every one of your phonecalls to 5 minutes though :wink:

Craig :slight_smile:

Looks amazing dude !!!

Must admit im not keen on the black wheels either, prefer the silver ones.

That colour in the sun must really stand out…will have to pop over when my pile 'o shite is running.

I think the black wheels work really well with the paint, and the black strip on the front. As already said, its a shame a number plate has to be added.

This is my new favourite GTO pic…

Nice one Rob,

What’s the spec and what are your plans for it if any?
Is this the same one you’ve been working on for the past how many years, that was stripped back and was going to be all new?


Very nice. Which one was that before it was started? The red one?

The only tiny criticisim I have of the 99 front is that bit that sticks half way down the mouth. I’m sure it could be removed by bostering up the thickness of the top of the mouth with a bit of GRP.

Looks superb Rob maybe at next years agm?

Cant believe its finished.

looks good.


Looking good there matey!!! Loving the colour :slight_smile: have to say i prefer the lenso’s in silver not black!


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