My shakedown run

As some of you know, the plan is to run my car at the Run What Ya Brung this weekend at Santa Pod.

It will give me chance to:

Learn the car
Get used to the new clutch, gearbox, short shifter etc.
Learn about tyre pressures and launch technique with the Mickey Thompson ET Sreets
Possibly configure 2 step launch control
Identify optimum shift points
See if the thing holds together! :lol:

As you can see there is a lot to learn and it is pretty important to go, so I’m hoping for a break in the weather.

Anyone that wants to come along to watch, video or just support is more than welcome. The more the merrier.

I’ll post in this thread whether I will be going on the Sunday or Monday in the next day or 2 as the forecast keeps changing. Yesterday it was Monday that was looking better weather-wise, but today it is Sunday.


Good luck Andre. I’m sorry I can’t be there this time around, but hope to catch up with you and that incredible car soon. All the best with it.


I echo what Mike has said

Good luck fella , hope the shakedown goes well and you see some promising times , then once all is well and your comfortable with your set up hopefully we will see some big hitting times :twisted:

Craig :slight_smile:

Thanks guys


Just to keep everyone posted, the weather is still looking like it will be better on Sunday.


[quote]Just to keep everyone posted, the weather is still looking like it will be better on Sunday.


Unbelievably there might even be a tailwind!

Will see you there chap. I am pretty certain I will not run though - nothing has changed since my last visit (which was very poor and depressing!).

Are you driving or trailering up and is Ben attending?



I thought you had figured out different shift points? Your car really should achieve mid 11’s.

Ben is going to trailer the car up there and depending on whether he finishes the electrical work on the car and whether it doesn’t break, I may well be driving it home.


Good luck! Hope all goes to plane and most of all, hope nothing breaks!!


Good luck buddy hope all goes well for you! :slight_smile:


Cheers guys



I thought you had figured out different shift points? Your car really should achieve mid 11’s…


Is true and I did recently weld up my cracked manifold so maybe I will pack my helmet too!


You know you should!

:lol: :lol: :lol:


Goodluck Andre, what ever the results its a beast no doubt.

Cheers Bhav


good luck andre, have a grate day.make us proud,simon :wink:

Would have loved to come and watch but i had my haernia repair yesterday so im a tad sore lol. Hopefully somebody will take a video camera for those of us that cant be there , good luck Andre 8)

Go for it Andre :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Cheers Simon.

I’m going to get there for 8am tomorrow (Sunday) and meeting Ben there.

Hopefully see a few of you guys there.


Good luck Andre, have fun. Can wait to see your time as i cannot make it to go there

Some pictures and a couple of in car videos.

That rear suspension looks pretty bottomed out to me! And to think, the guys were worried that the splitter might catch the ground! :lol: :lol:

This was squatting purely with acceleration as the launch was babied on the 1st run.

That’s a lot of rubber on all 4 corners to light up!

1st run video with bogged baby launch and unhurried gear changes, skating around in all 4 gears, even in 4th at nearly 138 mph!

2nd run video launching at 7000 rpm and getting an instant spin up, so partially lifted and reapplied. Less skating but missed 3rd…or did I? Was this as sign that something was not happy in the gearbox?

The 3rd run had 3 psi taken out of the tyres and launched at 6000 rpm (slight bog) but unfortunately I don’t have in car footage of that one, Mark and James do though. I see James has posted his, perhaps Mark could also?

The car partially filled its coolant overflow bottle with coolant and over filled one of its catch cans with milky oil during the 1st run! :shock: Oddly, there wasn’t a drop of either on the 2nd or 3rd run, so we came to the conclusion that it was most likely just a touch over filled.

I’d just like to add that I haven’t been quiet deliberately, I’ve been editing the footage and uploading them to Photobucket…yawn!

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