Nec Classic Motor Show 8-10 November 2019

Very pleased to announce that we have been offered space at the Classic Motor Show, so it would be good to know who would like to display their car and who would like to be involved with the event, setting up and during the show, this is the sixth Nec event that we have presented Gtouk at and are terrific events to be part of.
For show cars, they would need to be taken to the Nec on the 7th and then will be in the hall until the Sunday evening when the show closes. (Limited number of spaces available and cars on the stand to be chosen from those who put their names forward.)
So accommodation for three nights by the Nec would normally be required.
For those who would like to be part of Gtouk at the show without cars it would be great to have you there on any of the three days, any two days together, or even for the full show.
So please add your names and preferences about being at this event.
Thanks all.

Jerry SC and car. 3 days (hoping to have the superchatged car available)
Kevin and car. 3 days

Marty 2 days.

Ps could somebody put this into the future events category as it was not available for me to do so. Thanks

Put me on the list to be considered please :grin:

I was thinking of putting mine forward for display this year, but on reflection, its not ready.

I will be attending, and am thinking of doing sat/sun.

Not for me this yr unfortunately. I will be sunning myself on the beach. :sunglasses:


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Thanks Paul and hope its good on that beach.

Got the old girl out :heart_eyes:


Be very pleased to hear from anyone else (members only) who would like their car to be considered for part of the display for this event.
Also from any members who would like to join the Gtouk stand on any or all of the days of this incredible show.
Up to a limit entrance to the show itself would be free.

The show isn’t far away now.
Would any members be interested in bringing their car to the show?

The NEC classics really is a fantastic event.
If anyone would like to show their car here please let us know.

Also anyone interested in coming without the car, for a day or even the weekend just let us know.

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Would’ve loved to , but I’m away on work those dates.
So enjoy yourselves. Have a great time.

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Cheers Martyn

I will be over the whole show.

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Great Lukas will be excellent for you to be with us again :+1::+1::+1::+1:

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Here is the post for the NEC show
It was good to meet you today.
Hopefully the date is good for you and you can make it with your car.

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Cars at show
@lukas :partying_face:


If anyone else would like to display on the club stand please let us know


Cool mate if you still want my car there I’ll get it there but doubt I’ll be able to drive it myself :man_facepalming:t4:

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Now looking to be there for the Saturday.

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Great Marty

Is stand setup going to be the 7th of november (thursday)? I need to book a holiday for that.
I still have got lots of doubleside tapes from last meet and some carpets. @hawk has got carpets as well. I can collect them of him unless he is going to be at the show.

Hi Lukas
I plan to go on the Wednesday as set up can be then and Thursday but as it suits you, l just like as much time there as poss.

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Check out the Auto iconic stand while your there , mate of mine and ex Rover colleague started it up , makes bespoke clocks , lamps and furniture from car parts , had quite a few bits that I took from Eleanor’s wrecked engine to turn into trinkets