New GTO owner needs advice plz


I’ve just bought a 1994 GTO - it’s awesome! - however it’s limited to 110mph. Does anyone know if it can be removed? I’ve been told it’s mechanical and causes engine problems if it’s removed - is this true? Thanks!


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Speed limiter can be removed and most members have done this.
It won’t damage the engine, but will make you smile more😉


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I like to have a bit of power just for overtaking :smiley:
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@andybarb brought and fitted a convertor/delimt chip recently.
He might be able to give you the details of where he got his.


That’s great, thanks!


Andy hasn’t posted for over a year mate , there is plenty on delimiters within the site in the tech sections :+1:


Good job your on the ball mate.
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You could just cut pin 66 of the ecu it’s a yellow wire.
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Does that work on mk2 Jerry?


@jensenrichardson Actually I’ll take it back I know it should work up to 1993 on imports but this is a 1994 just read it,so not sure but it’s worth a try anyway if don’t work solder it back.


Got to be worth a try as you say it can always be soldered back together. Thanks :+1:


Thanks for the welcome!
Ok, well ive literally had my GTO for just over two weeks. I actually wasnt sure what car i wanted to buy but saw the advert and, well it was love at first sight! Before the GTO i had a Jeep Wrangler that id modified for off roading, before that i had and Evo V, so i have quite a varied taste in cars! I live in a village just outside Worcester, not sure if any other members are anywhere nearby? I’ll post a pic when i figure out how to do it… ive never been on a forum before sorry!