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I’m a big fan of GTO/3000s and really want to buy one. I’ve registered to GTO.UK to find some help buying my dream car.

What am I looking? First model (90/93) twin turbo version with good body condition. Not really bother about engine condition due to it will be modified. I’m starting with £2000 which I know is not too much. I’ve got quite good job now so I will be able to invest much more in a car.

If there any chance to catch some turbo versions for £2000 please let me know. I’m sick of these cars.

Regarding Tomas J.

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Hi Thomas,

Welcome to the club. Firstly read the buyers guide. Secondly it is a real risk getting a TT for such a price but could be possible just make sure you check the underbody for rust and by the rear wheel arches. Good luck in your search.



Hi and welcome to GTOUK .

Just to put your price into comparison a cambelt change can be anywhere north of £500 unless your handy with the spanners , for that price you need to buy with care , I bought mine for a little less with a knackered engine , but I knew that anyway

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welcome to the club :slight_smile:
have a look at a few of the members cars :slight_smile: its where i got my gto from :slight_smile:
it might be cheaper to save for a bit and get one thats in good condition and you get to drive it as you save for mods :slight_smile:

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Welcome to GTOUK Tomas :+1:

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Hi Tomas
Welcome to GTOUK.
As already said, check out the buyers guide.
When viewing a car get as good a look as possible to check for rust.
I think you will struggle to find a tt for 2k.
And if you do find one for that kind of money, I could imagine you will be needing to put alot more money straight into it.
I got mine for around that a couple of years ago, but it was a complete gamble on an unknown car. My gamble paid off, but just as a example the car was running fine but In the first few weeks I had to recon the alternator, change all oils, send ecu off to be checked and fit cam belt kit/damper pully and aux belts. Bill for all this not including labour for fitting was around £950.
Possibly could have got away with not doing some of these bits, but who knows?
Good luck finding the right car for you.
In the forum we have members cars for sale.
No tt’s for 2k I’m afraid, but if you can afford to spend a bit more you will find some well looked after cars in there.

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Thank you all for help. Can you tell me than what price I’m looking for? I’m really desperate to have one of these beasts. Its time. Got some money already but need help where to look and what price. Seen just couple on the web but look bad to me. Found some on ebay but look too nice for price.

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Welcome to GTOUK :+1:

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Afraid it’s a case of getting out and going to view cars you find.
It’s the only way you will know what you are buying.
Do you want a close to stock car, or are you looking for modified?
Your budget is lower end for a tt. But dosent mean you can’t get a good one. You just might have to view a lot before you find an absolute bargain.

This members car was put up for sale the other week.
Have a read of the thread.
With these mods it seems a real steal, a few bits to do. If you don’t mind getting your hands dirty you can do bits yourself with advise and how to posts for full members on the forum.
But again go and have a look.
Purchasing full membership will open all technical areas and would be a real help to know how involved each fix would be on your potential new purchase.
It opens up so much more in the forum, and would be my first purchase.
Good luck finding the right car for you.

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As I was writing before I’m looking for a good body condition 91/93 gto. I didn’t mention that but it has to be a stock car. I want to start my journey from the beginning. Body is a main think. Engine can knock or whatever. I’ll sort the engine. Can’t be rusty at all. Dont want to spent money on bodywork. With engine I will take that off and rebuild if needed. And also asking for a price. Advise me what prices I need to look for and how many cash I need for just purchase. Thanks

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Hi everyone. Got some more cash now. My question is. What do you think about them immaculate cars on ebay.? They’re look really fantastic but I’m bit concerned about price. Any advices?