New member - thinking of joining the GT club and would appreciate some advice


Apologies for gate crashing your forum. I have been thinking about getting a 3000GT for a while after always lusting after one as a kid.

I’ve seen a few advertised and found this one owner 1997 example. I am a bit nervous about taking the plunge so I wondered if you might be able to give me some guidance on what to look for / running costs etc and market value?

It’s great to see so many GT fans and so many cars living on and being cared for.


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Hi and welcome to the forum, a great bunch of people on here, Looks like the price of these is finally going up.

Looks very clean, there is a buyers guide on here, read it and digest before you go and look at it. If you let us know where abouts in the country your are maybe one of the members could go along with you.

It costs 20 squidlies to join and you’ll find it the best 20 you’ve ever spent.

Terry :sunglasses:

Hey welcome along!
As terry said there is a buyers guide on the main website that is well worth a read.
Also if someone is local to you they might even come along to see the car with you. It’s a 3000gt uk version your lookin at there, U.K. Spec they’ve written the bhp wrong. It’s just over 300bhp not 280.
Main thing to look for is rust.
Sills, floor pans, anywhere really.
Also ensure servicing has been done. It’s done 38k in 20 years. Make sure all belts have had a recent change and the water pump too. (Whilst recommended at 64k having sat for along time it’s worth making sure it’s been done with the cam belt)
Brake lines and check the fuel pump hat for that (under the boot carpet on the right … They all rust but it’ll be good to check the state of it.

Where in the country are you?
Again as terry said join up as there are huge amounts of technical data in the members sections :slight_smile:

Thank you both, very helpful and I have just read the fabulous buyer’s guide.

The car is in Bradford, Yorkshire but I live in Berkshire hence why I haven’t yet been to see it. I was thinking of getting an RAC inspection as a starting point. The guy says he would take £9500, hard to price such a car but I don’t think he will budge from that.

One point of note is that the hpi check came back as colour being blue but apparently the DVLA sometimes make errors with colour. I have the VIN and have decoded which gives a paint code of x08 which apparently is black. Dealer has been helpful so far in giving me the reg and vin.

Having a forum member have a look too if I decide to see it would be fabulous and amazingly helpful. I’d be happy to pay £20 and join.

Thanks again.

Hi mate

What part of Berkshire you from ?

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Hi and welcome. You are certainly in good hands here with this lot. There is not a lot us lot don’t know between us about these cars. The car you have in the link does look very nice and good value for for money based on the history and condition of the car. Future value wise, these cars are getting harder to find in good Condition like this one and the 3000gt uk spec were officially imported with a higher spec than the imported gto. Iirc there were only 500 official UK spec 3000gt’s sent over from japan. Any questions s just shout up. I see you have already had some sound advise so far.


Hi Paul, I am so grateful to you all for welcoming me and for all the advice. It is particularly reassuring to know it isn’t over priced as that has been my main worry. Just from reading the buyer’s guide I already feel so much more knowledgable.

I am going to arrange an RAC inspection and perhaps bite the bullet.

One question spec wise, did UK cars have heated door mirrors?


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I live in slough not far from you it will be good to see that car around :blush:

Ravi Look on the mirrors for some wavy lines etched into the glass in the corner, if it has then they are heated when you switch on the heated rear screen.

My 1999 UK 3000GT has them , but i am not sure about earlier cars

Cheers Rob

no problem, if you look around on the ole inter webs there are several examples around the £10k mark.

i don’t know the real Mitsubishi reason for the heated mirrors but they are useful in the winter when they are frosted up. :slight_smile:


Welcome to the club Ravi.
Looks like a nice car.

Hi Ravi, I have heated door mirrors and its a Mk1. I take it not all GTO/3000GT’s had them then :wink:

Terry :sunglasses:

Thanks Rob, it’s the one feature in the Winter that I would miss the most

I am near Wokingham, I saw a red one mk2 in Bracknell recently and it looked mint. I love seeing a well looked after example.

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That’s probably @Grouchy_Gooner s car. I live in hook n family in wokingham

HI mate welcome along, when buying like they all say use the buyer guide but try to nock them down a bit, some 10k cars take forever to sell, for me to spend that it would have to be mint and wanting for next to nothing.
Great to have you here good luck.
Cheers dave :sunglasses:

Thanks Dave. I have contemplated maybe holding fire. Risk is always someone else buys it but I reckon they will have to discount it soon. Personally I would like to pay £7-8k but everyone wants a bargain!

Hi welcome to the club. There are some nice UK 3000gt on eBay at the moment for that kind of money. 10k is good to see I have a 1999 UK 3000gt got it with 52k and loads of history for a lot less only a year ago. Let’s hope these cars start to be worth their true value


Welcome to GTOUK :+1:

Go for it, you will love .
Everytime you dtive it you will smile