New owner with non-starter

Hi all,

I have recently bought a passion red Mk1 GTO (1990) which I love and I can’t get it started unfortunatly. It has been stood for a while (about 6 months) and I have added a new battery and dumped the old fuel and put 5l of new fuel in.

The check engine light comes on then goes away when you put key in. It cranks fine but dosn’t want to fire up. After I added new fuel in it did start for a second however but then it gave up the ghost again :frowning:

Is there anything I can do to get it running again?

do you have spark?

Hi what is the easiest way to check? I was looking to remove the cover from the bank facing front of the car and putting one of the spark plugs on the end of the coil and see if it sparks. Is this the correct way?

easiest way is to use a pair of insulated pliers, and as the engine is cranking pull off the end of the lead at the coil pack one by one, if you have spark you’ll see blue arcing one by one. Beware if you get this wrong or don’t use insulated tools you can get a very very nasty shock.

Once you’ve established if there is spark or not you can eliminate the ptu, coil pack, leads and spark plugs and the wiring from the process.

Has the ecu been repaired as they suffer form leaking caps which can stop the car from starting, I’d be looking at this next aswell, know anyone with a good ecu that you can swap over and test.

Unplug the coil where they connect to the left side of the engine block (The coil plugs appear to be in a row of 6 on the left side of the front of the engine)?

i find the best way to check for a spark is whip a plug out from the front put it back in the ht lead and hold it against the engine while turning it over you’ll see if you have a spark then and you’ll only get a belt if the ht lead is leaking :smile:

Bet it’s the Ecu most expensive first lol

Welcome along to the club. Start with the the obvious things and work your way up :slight_smile: (sorry I can’t be more help than stating the obvious lol)

As above check for spark and check for fuel. Always go back to basics. Have you confirmed if the fuel pump is any good? The fact that it started and then stopped and now wont start does point to the pump. There is a test connector in the engine bay, pull the feed hose off the front rail and put it in a bottle. Put 12V through the test connector and see if you get any fuel in the bottle. This would be my first point of call.

Also let us know where you are. Might be someone near you that can help.

Hi I have checked spark and I am getting spark so the next thing to check would be fuel. What is the best way to check if fuel is going to the rail?

My car did start for a second again when I got home this afternoon :confused:

I am from Manchester area.

@maxxbradley has put up a good way to test for fuel a couple of posts above , put the hose into a container and crank it over , see if you can get fuel into the container

Craig :smile:

I will give it a try. Its a NA so am I safe to just remove the fuel line going to front rail or do I need to do anything else?


The good news is that fuel is coming through the hose which connects to the front rail. The bad news is that the engine still won’t turn over. Should I check the ECU next?

Also, what are these wires for;

Oil pressure signal wires

Do you know where to connect them and will this stop the engine from running?

No shouldn’t stop from engine from running and that loom should be under the power steering pump and below the pimp there’s a little bronze colored oil sender probably black through grease but the spade type connecter slides onto the bottom

when you say recently brought it and its been stood for about 6 months have you ever heard it running or purchased it as a non starter?

Bought as a non starter preview owner reckoned he had it running once then it cut out. It did ran for a second on Sunday then stopped and again this evening it started for a second.