Newbie about to go look at his first GTO

Hi guys, I’m Luke and I’m very new to this forum.

I’ll start off with a quick introduction. When I was three years old, I was lucky enough to get access to my dad’s Playstation 1 once a week, and was allowed about half an hour of play time. On this PS1, there was only one thing I played - Gran Turismo 2. I played that game each week, without fail, for about two years straight, until I finally had enough skill to actually finish decently in races, and earn money. And when I had earned some money, I bought a Mitsubishi GTO.

And that’s where my love affair started - at the tender age of five, back when the only other things that I were worried about were what biscuit I’d have when I got home from school, and then how long after that I’d be allowed to have another biscuit.

I passed my test a couple years ago and bought myself a Mitsubishi Lancer, nice enough 2008 car that my small import business funded. I considered myself very lucky, but at the time I had drifted away from being the car nut that I once was.

And slowly but surely, I became car mad once again. And with that, back came my obsession with the Mitsubishi GTO. I saw them on eBay for £1000, and all of a sudden they were an achieveable dream - I mean at that point I didn’t know that pretty much every £1000 GTO will cost you about three times that just to get into some kind of working condition, but I had now firmly placed the GTO back into my future priorities.

And now I sit here, somehow in a position to actually buy one. I don’t know how it happened, I guess car sales pays better than I thought it would, but it’s come to the point in my life where, still living with my parents for the forseeable future, I can genuinely think about completing this life goal.

Now it’s a bit late to be asking advice on what to look for as I’m actually supposed to be going to look at the car tonight - it’s a 1991 GTO Automatic, and I’ve meticulously gone through the very useful buyers guide that I found on here a few days ago. By the sounds of it from impartial friends who have seen the car close up, it seems to tick most of the boxes - it’s got just over 40k miles on the clock, has a few months MOT left on it, and is apparently in brilliant condition with the exception of a bit of top-panel lacquer peel and a very small scuff on the front bumper.

So if I go see it, and it does all the things it should, I’ll probably buy it. The big question I have however, is how well do these cars store? Basically, while I’m in a position to buy and run it, due to the time of year, cost of insurance and cost of road tax, I don’t really want to be paying to run it for the winter, when I’ll barely use the thing. I’ve found some dry car storage very local to me (around five minutes drive away) which I can pop it into for £10 a week over the winter. But is this especially detrimental to the car itself? The plan would be to store it until after my birthday in February, when it suddenly becomes somewhat reasonable to insure the car on a specialist or classic policy, and then once March comes around get it onto the road (after doing transmission oil/filter, engine oil/filter, air filter and anything else that needs doing) and make the most of it over the year, possibly selling it if it becomes too much of a financial burden (i.e. if it starts costing more than around £800 a month just to upkeep and fuel etc.)

I’m sorry for the massive first post, but I thought I’d give some background to myself. I realise that in many cases, this is a horrendously bad idea, but due to the nature of lust I have for the car, I think it’s just something I have to do at one point or another in my life, and with the prices of these starting to climb a little, I think there really is no time like the present :smiley:

Best Regards


HI Luke and welcome to GTOUK :sunglasses:

Dry storage shouldn’t be an issue , just start it up now and then or leave a trickle charger connected , if it’s done a genuine 40k then that pretty much answers your question anyway as that isn’t much use over the years .

Good luck :sunglasses:


Craig :grinning:


Welcome and Good luck !


Thanks guys! I’m gonna take it for a test, make sure it goes through the gears as it should and use the buyers guide to make sure it’s all good - I’m sure it is, as the owner’s son is a friend of mine, and the car has been looked after from what I know. I’m at that stage of giddy excitement where I just hope it’s as good as the people who know the given car say it is.

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Welcome along mate, as Craig says just start it to keep the oil seals lubricated, i dont use mine much and battery will go flat easy even though i replaced mine only a year ago…old cars seem to drain them quickly, i start mine and let it get to temp regular.
Once again welcome…we are a great bunch ready to help👍


Oh yes and being auto make sure it dont bang as you put it into reverse…sign the auto box is starting to go.


I’ll make sure to do the relevant auto box checks, it’s recently had a fluid change, but in the event I do manage to get the car, I plan to do a couple of oil changes to the gearbox and install a decent cooler to prolong the life of the box.

And I can pop it on the old trickle charger and go visit it weekly, so that should be fine.


How was the drive was it better the a ps1 game? I also played that game many times,our paths may have crossed…

I’d definitely double check that gearbox. Some of them have many years worth of no servicing which leads to them buggering right up. Definitely make sure it’s all good!

If you keep the battery topped up (or just disconnect it), start it once a month and perhaps shuffle it back and forwards to get the suspension and brakes moving then it should be fine. When I bought my car I came up with a list of things that needed doing to it. Apart from one trip to a car show, it spent the first three months having work done on it! No ill effects though.

Your story sounds like mine, although it sounds like I’m older than you are as I was teenager when I was spending most of my free time playing Gran Turismo! The GTO was my favourite car in the game, but I never really thought about owning one later in life. I’ve had mine 18 months but it still feels special when I drive it. I hope you have some luck in finding the right one.

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So I’m now the proud owner of a seemingly very good GTO :slight_smile:


Looks good to me, need for more pictures :wink:

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Where are you based,looks nice in that colour was it the first you looked at?

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It was my favourite car on Gran Turismo too. I’ve had a few versions of it and I always buy a GTO

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Can’t get anymore photos at the moment sadly as it’s in the lockup, but I’ll be sure to get some ASAP. And I’m in Cambridgeshire, and yeah it’s the first one I looked at. I know people say you should get a feel for the market before committing, but 42k miles, great runner, minor exterior work to be done - it was a great deal. Oils reading where they should etc.

It’s got an Alpine head unit fitted but also has the original cassette player, and it’s got a Momo Millenium wheel, but the original is also included, as well as a couple of spare side skirts (as one does have some badly-done repair work on it) and some nice show plates from it’s previous life. It’s got Mazda 3 MPS wheels on it, and I’ll be looking for some replacements as they’re not really my thing. Now comes the trouble of whether I sell the Lancer to fund running this as a second car, or keep it in storage until I am in a financially strong enough position to run both. I’ve put so much into the Lancer both time wise and money wise, it’d be a shame to see just how much money I’ve lost in the last two years on it - but sadly I can’t keep it forever :frowning:


Wanna do some servicing bits to it when I get it, including an oil change (5W40 and 10W50 I’ve seen recommended, big price difference between good 540 and good 1050 haha) and replacing all the plugs - NGK BKR6EIX-11s seem to be the best bet at £40 for a set of six from Opie.

Also I might put my Lancer wheels on the GTO, how well do 18x8J ET45 wheels fit does anyone know? Caliper clearance shouldn’t be an issue as the spokes are convex, just the wheels are a very recent purchase for the car (which is now probably being sold in the spring, very sad day that will be).

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Hi 18 " wheels should not be problem as i have 19"alloy alloy on my gto and it’s lowered also but wheels work fine and won’t touch wheel arch cheers.
You may have to buy special wheels nut.

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where in cambs are you ?
I am in chatters
welcome to the club

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I’m in Cambourne, near Cambridge, so a little further South than you haha - and thanks - I think the offset on the current rims should work, end of the day worst that can happen is I test fit them and they don’t fit as nicely as I’d hope.

I’m collecting the car tomorrow, which is exciting, only issue being insurance. Flux are getting funny about the classic quote they provided me with and basically trying to worm their way out of going through with it - maybe a c**k up at their end, as I thought 1900 was a little on the low side for a 19 year old with only two years experience and no claims. Will see how it plays out.

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Try Footman James…they do classic car insurance which don’t need any no claims bonus. (You don’t accrue any either though). They will even allow you to agree a guaranteed price for your car if written off, and give you an opportunity to buy it back if scrapped. They quoted me somewhere in the region of £330. I did not renew this year as their premium was more expensive than I could get elsewhere - but that’s probably because I didn’t qualify for a new customer discount. Might be worth a try for a year only?