Newbie again been a while


hi guys new oldie here ,had to join up to have a wee browse bored working away from home the now lol :laughing:

cheers scoob


Just replied on the other post your tagged in

Welcome back mate , good to see you back on here

Hell of a project thread you have to start :sunglasses:

Craig :grinning:


blast from the past ello mate


welcome back scott with open arms, get those pics up of your car, outstanding work by an extremely talented individual.

Does plastering and tiling too, lol


yea think its gonna take me longer to sus out how the forum works first lol


Long time no see , You bored watching the game Scott ?:grinning:


don’t watch football mate lol boring waste of sport :joy:


Forum is easy to work !


Nice to see you back Scoob…


Couldn’t agree more. It’s not the sport i hate. Its the players. It has become a part of the game to cheat and that i can’t stand! 90 minutes of pretending you’re hurt!. Welcome back.


cheers rob been a while lol


Welcome back, now to await your build thread :grin:

Terry :sunglasses:


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Rather confusing where this thread has come from a year later but I’m pissed welding along to gtouk


Will sort this Tom and edit your post to newbie