Newbie Hello from Bristol


Hi there.
Been admiring 3000GTO’s for the last few years. Needed to get a quick car back in my life after selling my Nisson 200SX mk2 when we started to have kids.
So here it is.

My only major issue is the alarm unit. I believe it has the standard fit Cobra/Mitsubishi unit but can’t find the main unit (although not looked under the dash yet). Need to get the serial number to get the PIN Code and then I can disable it to replace it.

The previous owner has gone crazy ( by my standards) with the spec on this car. Would be interested to hear if anyone is near Bristol and do they meet up at all.

Anyways, just a quick hello. And thank you so much for the quick delivery of the technical files on usb, I’m sure they will become invaluable.

Cheers Martyn.


Welcome to GTOUK Martyn,

The USB Manual are a god send.

Nice car by the way



Thanks Stevie. I’m very much learning about it. So many extra controllers for this and that, it’ll make the purist cry. But I loved the money that had gone into it and the feel of it.
Although I’d like someone to check it out and see if there are any issues lurking.
Like, how heavy should a clutch be? I know I’m comparing it to the daily, more modern drive but my left leg will be the size of Arnies after a week of driving the GTO.
But as I say I need to sort the alarm first, so I can drive it and leave it locked.


Welcome to GTOUK- certainly looks a nice car.

I’m based over towards Salisbury so not too far.

I’m currently restoring a car at the moment and the workshop manual is a godsend :grinning:



Hi Martyn, I’m in Swindon, so not too far if you’re up for convoying to any events next year. Nice looking car that :+1: Welcome.



Hi James
Thanks for the mail.

Salisbury certainly isn’t far away, I need to get this damned alarm sorted then I can feel confident to drive it places.

I’d happily pop down and see you and your build once I’ve got the alarm done.

Do you happen to know where they put the standard alarm module on these cars, I thought it might be beside the front foot wells but NO. So now the guess is up under the dash. Not had the time to investigate further yet. I work abroad quite a bit and will be off soon on my travels again for a week. Should get some time when back.

I’m also doing a kind of rebuild on a Classic Range Rover. Engine is in full rebuild mode (just waiting on parts) and then it’ll be transplanted with the gearbox and transfer box into the range Rover.

I see you are the Events Organiser.

Does the group manage to get around to many of the shows, if so do you have a kind of general calendar of events for the remainder of this year and for next. I would be very interested in getting to some of those shows and certainly apply the polishing rag to the GTO. I just need to book the holiday with work so as to be sure to be home.

By the way which version of the GTO do you have.




Hi Martyn,

The alarm unit- is it not under the drivers side dash? Try just to the side of the bonnet release.

I have two one is the red 3000GT UK spec mk2 called mhorag :grinning:
The project is a MK3 GTO TT called hoopy loopy. You’re more than welcome to visit and see the project :grinning:
Regarding meets there isn’t much now as it’s the winter months - however we do have a Christmas party so check out that thread - we will release a calendar of events for next year when we know the dates.



Hey James.
I’ve just been reading up on Loopy’s build progress. Looks like you had your work cut out for you there.
I also noted the Christmas doo, coming up. I’m free but will have to ask Mrs T if she’d like to go out for the night.


Hi Martyn
Welcome to GTOUK.
Lovely looking 3000GT you have there.
We also have a club stand at the NEC classic car show, 9th-11th Nov.
The club stand has limited car space at this show and is filled I’m afraid.
But still a great day/ weekend event if you would like to attend.
The club does get some free tickets to this event, if these are all gone club members can purchase tickets at a discounted rate.



Welcome to the Club Martyn enjoy the ride :+1:


Welcome on board Martyn saw that car advertised and looks a good one. Good luck with the alarm
Hope you can meet up with some of us at the Nec, hall 5, its a great show we are always very pleased to meet new members.


Welcome Martyn
Jerry :grinning:


Hi Martyn

The alarm is factory fitted one built into the cars main wiring system at the factory.

The alarm cannot be removed as its brain is inside one of the control units under the dash that is required by the car to stay in use.

It can however be made to stay in the off mode but some people have reported that this can cause problems in the car with things melting from getting very hot from doing so.

Welcome on board to GTO UK

Cheers Rob


Were these an option Rob as non of my gto cars have a factory fitted alarm as far as l know and l have had meta ones fitted if there was no alarm already there, never taken any old alarms off.


Factory Alarms were only fitted to 3000GT’s, Jerry so does not apply to your GTO’s but does to your 3000GT cars


Hi @martyn1, welcome to the club, I’m up in Evesham so not too far from Bristol. Used to, many moons ago, go out with a girl from there, spent many a good weekend down there. I’m currently doing a silver Mk1 up and there’s a thread on here about it. As I’m working on her today, car, not missus, I will do a brief today.

Also have a red MK1 donor car here too. Found the alarm module under the rear quarter of the drivers side rear wing, the bit that’s under the spoiler. Absolutely weird that car was.

All the best.

Terry :sunglasses:


Thanks everyone for your replies.
Seem a nice crowd you’ve got here and I’m sure to visit my immediate neighbours in the near future.
I certain am hoping to get to the NEC in Nov, not working that weekend at present.
It’ll be nice to meet those of you that attend.
Martyn :blush: