NEXT MEET Japanese Performance Show 19th August 2018 @ Stoneleigh Park


Japanese Performance Show
19th August 2018
Stoneleigh Park

Gauging interest in this event to see if we should get a club stand.

We have attended this event for the past couple of years and it’s a great meet.
It is an indoor event but last year our stand was outside.

The club has to pay for the club stand here, so we can only go ahead if enough people are interested.

We would like to get a club stand secured as soon as possible to avoid missing out.
So let us know asap please guys.

Full website details here.


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Been good last couple of years


It definitely grew last year , good meet too


I only made last year’s and that was only because James couldn’t.
Had just started the underseal on Sulley.
Was a great meet. And seeing @ORV’s car for the first time was a bonus.


Hopefully can do this one as wont be moving house like last year



I’ll be up for this one.
Jerry :grinning:


Think we can do this one, not a bad meet TBH



I’ll come along


I am going Jensen, but they want the car inside the show and shine area,so I will get my own ticket for inside.

Cheers Ian.


I have recieved an email back from the organisers on this event.
Club stands are selling fast.
If we want to book a club stand we need to move pretty fast. Club stands are for 10 cars.


Is it a minimum or maximum of 10 @jensenrichardson?



Maximum of 10 cars.


Shame l like this one, will be away working.


You could have you own stand now Jerry With all your motors JGTOUK :+1:


Now Now, probably no one as daft as :roll_eyes:me


Nice and local so I’ll go :blush:


On holiday I think… But I never really know where I am tbh.


I will bring mhorag


Very close to me, I am almost sure I will attend.


Add your names to the list, maximum of 10 cars.

  1. Jensen
  2. Steve & Tracie
  3. Jerry G
  4. Colin
  5. Lukas
  6. James
  7. Waller