NEXT MEET Japanese Performance Show 19th August 2018 @ Stoneleigh Park


I received mine about a week after paying.
Was via email Jerry.


Cheers I’ll check my emails.
Jerry :grinning:


Defo not received nothing.
Jerry :grinning:


Sorry Jerry you are right.
It wasn’t tickets I recieved but confirmation.
Tickets to come a week before.

You should have recieved one of these though.


I may be able to bring my car depending on if i get the work done in time for the show.

Still thinking of coming along regardless



Arrive time for club cars is 7:30 onward.
General public is 10am so they would like club cars in before then.
Just a reminder club stand tickets are advance only. We still have spaces available.
Passenger tickets can be purchased in advance or on the gate £15pp. @lukas


Hope to see you there Kane.
Be great if you manage to get the car there.


We all going to meet at McDonald’s as normal ?


Good idea Colin.
You got the postcode mate?


Think it’s this one … Queensway, Leamington Spa CV31 3JZ


That’s the one mate :+1:


So we can have a breakfast at McDonalds… what time? 6.30? 7.00?


Think I will aim for 6:30.


Hello sorry for delay, iv been away. Umm not not 100% if I can come as the car is off the road at the min will no by Tuesday if I can come


Hope you get sorted bud.


1.Jensen (paid) + Terry (brother in law)
2.Steve & Tracie (paid)
3.Jerry G (paid)
4.Colin (paid )
5.Lukas and Patricia (paid)
6.James (paid)


@K888NEO be good if you can make it, with or without car, be nice to meet you and you meet some members, names to faces and all that. It’s not a hugely attended meet so far, but some fine examples coming along to this one, you’ll go away with a shopping list, I know we did at our first meet when we joined GTOUK :joy:



Just over a week to go for this next meet.
We still have 4 spaces available on the club stand if anyone wants to display their car.
And looks like it could be a nice day, sunshine and mid 20s. Hopefully :wink:


Check your emails as tickets out today… got mine :wink:


Received mine too :sunglasses: