Nominations for COTM February 2019


Car of The Month

Add your favourite picture of your beloved GTO/3000GT (one picture per entry).

If you are the monthly winner you will feature in the 2020 GTOUK Calendar for that Month at the end of the year and the image of the winning car will be placed as the background image on the forum for the following month.

All entries will also feature as a side/smaller image in the Calendar.

2020 GTOUK Calendar purchases will be available in the club shop for pre order later this year.

The first 15 days of the month only will be open for entries, then a poll will be implemented for Members to vote for the remainder of the month.

This will go live on the 1st February, until then this post will be locked.


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About the Car of the Month category
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Now Open for nominations

Remember just one picture.



I nominate the green one :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Sorry :unamused:

Terry :sunglasses:


Me first… have I read this right? ■■■■ of the month :astonished::rofl:


Does that registration read ‘Fanny’? and that blanked out word, does it start with a c?

Terry :sunglasses:


Before the paint got really bad.

Can’t wait to see it when it comes back from the Respray :slight_smile:




Those two photo’s above taken the same day, same place? :astonished:

Terry :sunglasses:


since we have snow :wink:


OK, here’s mine :crossed_fingers:

I saw that picture on an Aussie forum @Colin_GTO

Terry :sunglasses:


Here’s mine…

Part of it…:grin:


Yes mate they used that pic for their web site


clean for a change


Great to see all these new cars in the Club and how great they look, keep them coming :heart_eyes:



Mine was taken outside my wife’s friends house where she was collecting her friends kids to take to their prom night - about 4 miles before the rear brake pipe burst with 3 kids in the car that weren’t ours :scream::scream::joy::joy:


@ just_cool Hi mine was taken driving into mod nats last year. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: