Nominations for COTM February 2019


What breed is this one ? :confused:




I thought you knew your Gto’s @spiros
It’s a mk1 lightweight hybrid, you can tell by the pop ups. :see_no_evil:


What the he’ll, here’s mine


Me too


So so sad, it’s gone abroad, well Scotland!


Interesting, don’t have such a thing up here :thinking:


not real but still cool!


No way ! They have a GTO on horizon 4 ?! I might have to buy it now !! @emporerscorpion


And free it’s a mk3 :wink:


Those graphics are amazing hehe


It is pretty amazing. Especially in 4K! Cool too as you can take loads of photos…and also tune it up to over 1000bhp!



Why not… Won’t have many more opportunities :cry::sob:



This we have a winner :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


I’m going to have to buy the game tonight, you’ve sold me ! I would of bought it first off if I knew that was on there!! Is it in the car sales bit ?


Was in update 5, so when it first updates you should get it


Guys can we keep these to one image per entry, put up your own favourite image of the car. Please delete if you have done this.

On the 15th Feb, the topic will be closed and then the images go to poll.



Yes you can download now. It’s in the free mitsubishi car pack that has just been added. Apparently mitsubishi pulled their cars from the start as they didn’t want people comparing their new cars to their older more popular ones…GTOs, Evos etc…