Nominations for COTM February 2019


Cant play it tonight as working through the night :pensive: I will be on it soon enough !


Here we go an oldie car is SORN’d at the mo…




Do you just tap on the name who you want to vote for? If so I’ ve tapped on my own , please undo😐


Sorry buddy can’t change it, If mine was up there I would vote for myself :slight_smile:


How honest, admire that Enda :+1::+1:



Ok, thanks.


Id feel tight voting for my own


Yea I made the same mistake lol thought I could give myself the one consolation vote and another to Kevin but as soon as I clicked it locked me out hehe


Think it might be a good idea on next months to show who voted for who… bet i could name a few who would vote for themselves :rofl::rofl::rofl:


I created the poll this way to stop tactical voting.

I can see who voted for themselves. :wink:.



Is that a dancing pole, Vera wants to know :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Terry :sunglasses:


:joy: :joy: Ive no shame … Yes i voted for me … Its my final shout at this (sympathy votes will also be accepted) as there is a guy on here who is having my pride and joy from me early March …

Good luck to the other contenders .



I personally like to see someone win who contributes to the forum and gets the praise they deserve… for me it’s not just about a photo… how much money you can spend on a car… it’s about your passion… that’s what makes a winner to me :+1:

Enjoy the competition…all good fun… even if my hybrid gto didn’t make the voting process… I’m feeling a little like Brexit :rofl::rofl:

Dave was ere


Shlight wish I had put a vote in for myself now :see_no_evil:


You are posting on the wrong topic Dave, this is Car Of The Month competition not Member Of The Month :grin:


Ok so to put it bluntly… I won’t be voting for somebody that just rock’s up and shoves their car up for cotm… end of.
Was trying to be nice about it :persevere:


I voted for someone else by mistake :rofl:


That’s way I’ve voted for my car :wink::smile: