Old member new name!

Hi all,

I used to own a black imported J reg 1992 GTO, unfortunately my house was broken in to at xmas 2008 and it was ripped to bits beyond repair. since then ive moved house, got married and had two kids!

However, the gto bug is bothering me again, so i think its time for new ownership. Set my sights on a uk spec MKI or MkII this time arouns,decided that i like the moonroof!

Saw this on autotrader, however its been stood for 10 years:O. Thoughts!?



Welcome back to GTOUK Robbie car looks no bad for the the price but is difficult to say regarding engine under body etc , will need some money to spend on it of course !

Cheers Spiros,

I had a chat with the dealer today. its been stored in a garage and hasn’t moved for the last 9 years :open_mouth: he sent me a video of the engine running, only to rev the arse off it cold. have asked for further info around the cambelt, tensioners and service history.

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As Spiros said, looks potentially a nice car, and rare can you bargain with him? If its ok price is not crazy anyway one that is fully sorted and no rot has got to be worth 5/6 k.
Welcome back and good luck.

Didn’t you post up about that ? Pretty sure I remember the whole saga , wlcome back fella :sunglasses:

Yeah on the old forum and many of you bought the bits that were left over! Was pretty disheartened to hear about Steve Kay. Who’d have thought it!

This car in St Albans is ■■■■■■ miles away, but it’s the right colour, with the uk spec so I’m very tempted. I’ve asked for some service history. Fingers crossed he sends me some info!


Steve Kay ? Must have missed that

He used to live close to me and we spent a lot of time together working on my car so I looked him up this week. Unless I’m mistaken it seems he had an abundance of indecent images on his computers :frowning:


A few of the Pics i have from the old girl


Remember her well , didn’t she let you down on the way to Jae one year , I remember taking a phonecall , might have been another person though .

That is a bit of a shock if it’s the same person

Yeah the head gasket blew, either that or all the water kept dumping out of the engine! Such a shame was a lovely car.

We had just pulled up at the services where we met @stevie , @Tracie and @ScottMR , the rest of that group have moved on to pastures new since , mark (t9od ) had my phone and chatted to you that day .

Blast from the past that is


Aah I remember, the aa came out 3 times and couldn’t get to the bottom of the problem and I spent 8 hours in trowel serviceable waiting for the recovery truck to get me home! :exploding_head:

Hey Rob,

Welcome back buddy:-).
If the cars right for you get it bought mate be good to catch up again.

I can’t remember your old forum name Rob. Might still be some history in the data base.


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My old name was Robbiej. Cheers stevie, still a bit unsure on this one. Going to need a ton of work. There’s also a 92 uk spec smith 65k on the clock, but at nearly 10 grand! :relaxed:

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Looking at a green 98 3000gt also, these have a metallic fleck in the paint? Haven’t seen one in the flesh. Maintenance wise are they pretty much the same as mk1?

pretty much probably easier in some ways obd 2 and upgrades with gen 2 motor, everything more based on the ecu. Presume 6 speed and nice colour not many green ones.
Just check it out for rust, rust and more rust, especially a UK car, good luck

Cheers jerrry. 120k belts were done at eurospec at 93k

Looks pretty nice. However it’s miles away. Seems that the uk spec mk1 seller has gone quiet, asked him for some service history and has not responded

What’s the registration on that . Looks like an ex members car

Have not received a pic with the reg yet, but have asked for engine bay and sills pics too

Ring any bells?