Parts for sale huge list from my mr and my last tt

so sad to do this but this month has just killed me so the car is breaking for parts .
3 years building this and only done about 150 miles all in I’m so gutted but has to go , I have sold the rolling shell tho so I know this car will make some shows so pleased in a way I’m just glad it went to a good home but heres the list of parts I have plus ill rake the parts off my red car I have in the shed tomorrow and add them on aswell . happy gto building guys its been a great time here I still think its thebest looking jap car ever :sunglasses:
all prices add postage on ,arrange postage or pick up from ml4

dave naxton black on black custom car mats ,brand new £40 delivered
fuel tank £60 pick up only due to size
carbon overlayed door sills :£80.00

carbon overlayed glove box :£40.00

twin turbo maf :£50.00
tt ecu :£100.00
magnacor ign leads :£50.00
plenum,camcovers front and rear painted hot salsa orange pearl:£200.00
tt speedo cluster with glow dials and speedo chip :£ 60.00
94 tt transfer case x2 : £200 each
30mm hubsentric spacers :£60.00
mr hybrid diff :£500.00
steering rack off my red car no leaks : £140.00
safc with boomslang harness plug n play £170
walbro fuel pump with hotwire kit £50.00

ive a set of glass headlights for spares or repair if someone wants them .glass is split on the rear triangle section of one of them as last person must of damaged them trying to split , I have split them again , no bud holders unless I find them lying about and no rubbers . £50.00 plus 10 postage
if I find any more ill add to list

thanks scott


Is the flywheel fidanza?

Not sure mate I had it on my last car running 417hp and fitted it to new clutch in this one ,I’m sure it was but it was a long time ago

Sorry to hear about the car …have you pics of the headlights and carbon parts please

Also what difference do the turbos make and are they fit and go or need other mods

Hi Scott. Sorry to hear your breaking your car.

What’s the best price for the door sills please mate.


ally the turbos are bolt on mate just need a wider silicon section to fit rear hose . also prob best fitting them with a front mount but will be ok standard set up

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door sill are sold pending payment mate sorry


Sorry to hear that your having to break your car. :sleepy: Was wondering if you have an active aero ? I need the left hand wire that goes from the gear wheel on the motor to the end of the aero. I’ve got a service kit from Rob and fitted it. But the connector on the end of the wire has came off and solder is not strong enough to keep it in place.

I have one in the shed mate I’ll have a look when home

Thanks Scott.

Got any pictures of the intercooler? Know if it fits a mk 1 fairly easy?

It’s sold pending payment mate

added to list speedo cluster and halo data logger

who asked me for speedo cluster ? was it someone on here ?

Wasn’t me image:smile:


If these don’t go remember I want them Scott :wink:

they are sold mate got some of your stuff removed ,just the exhaust and prop bearings to get off this week

Damn ! Cheers Scott :+1:

raked out some stuff in the shed today still loads to go through heres some stuff ive got if anyones needing .make an offer . spiros ive found a wee bit of gtouk bling u can have when u pick up the exhaust lol .