Parts for sale huge list from my mr and my last tt


Anything with GTOUK on it I want it :grin:


ill give u it when u pick up parts , how u getting exhaust its wide at back ill need to see if it splits lol taking that off tomorrow


list updated


how do i buy downpipes thanks

any pictures of parts mishimoto thermostat?

any pictures of other parts maybe of use what are headlights like?


Down pipe still avalable .thermostat just looks like a thermostat lol and lights still for sale


Here You are John , Mishimoto 68º Cool Running Thermostat - Mitsubishi GTO & 3000GT


4 bolt block still avaiable? If yes, I will take it. May I see pictures of downpipe?


Ok, seen picture few posts before… What a tit am I…?


yea block still here mate but would need picked up its heavy to post


Ok. How far is to you from Nuneaton cv11?


I’m in Scotland mate just outside Glasgow / pm me posts are taking up for sale post lol


Wow. Very long distance. I will arrange a courier. I will let you know tommorrow about 12 noon.


its about 300 miles


pm sent …



How much for the orange indicators posted? assuming they aren’t all corroded


They are plastic mate so don’t corrode .40 quid posted


My passenger one is perished and broken on the back. Possibly a little steep for something that most people have replaced tbh


pics of the recaro subframes come with the plugs and seatbelt connectors .will fit speed and evo 8 seats possibly more but I had to drill extra holes in frame to fit the evo seats .


how do i pay for bigger downpipes