Parts for sale huge list from my mr and my last tt


money usually :smile: ill pm u


Do You accept Greek Drachmas ?:joy:


Loved the bit at the bottom “Left over” brilliant!!!

Terry :sunglasses:


loved the greek drachma was part of going there on holiday the euro feked everything


safc and boomslang up for sale guy that was buying it is going standalone so doesn’t need it , £170.00 posted


co2 purge kit get this plumbed in beside your leds for a show stand out car lol .bottle needs refilled and needs 4mm tubing to run to desired outlet /vent lol
£100 plus delivery


Do you still have the speedo cluster ?


list updated with whats left


Hi Scott sent you a pm.


New sales post up soon with parts left


Can I get the 6 speed transfer case please?



Yea mate no probs be 10 quid for postage so 110 all in .what’s your address and I’ll post it end of week


Hi do you have still have speedo.


no mate sold


decided to sell my direct fit recaro subframes . I have these on a set of evo 8 seats but were on a set of recaro speeds aswell. I had to drill an extra 2 holes in the sliders to mount to the evo recaros . £200 delivered


can admin delete this post please? I cant seem to edit it


I can lock it if you wish


Just delete it mate no need for it to be there now .I’ll be posting up what bits i have left when I rake them out the shed and I’ll make a new post for them