PCC Show (FAO N.I. Members) *** RESCHEDULED ***

I know there’s only a couple of us on the board but how about a get together for one of the main/best shows of the year over here, being held at The Rosspark Hotel this year after the demise of the Tidy Doffer…

(Report on last years show, http://www.reallymeansounds.com/report.php?event=389)

All for a good cause too with the money raised going to The Northern Ireland Chest Heart And Stroke Association.

i could be up for that if my foot is better , fell off my jetski lol, what day is it on

LOL, foolling about on the jetski now that we’ve been having a few decent days weather lately :lol: :lol:

Sunday the 17th of August Oxy, usually an excellent show. I think there’s at least 1 other active N.I. member on the forum too…

Would be up for this to now that i`ve got the bodywork sorted. :smiley: Are you thinking of booking a stand? Any idea of the start/finish times

Would be great to get a stand, have PM’d one of the guys running it etc so if there’s enough interest we’ll hopefully get one. Would make a difference from the usual skyline, scoobs etc type stands.

Not sure about times, I would imagine show cars need to be there “early”, 9-10, something like that to get set up etc, then dare say it’ll be over late afternoon.

So is that 3 attendees so far then:

  1. samb
  2. oxy200
  3. j.o.h.n
  4. ??

i am not a definite mate , i will be there if my foot is better but its wrecked at the minute

No probs Oxy, trying to coherse you there :lol:

Have asked admin for list of N.I. users and turns out there’s a few others lurking in the background :shock:

I`m Ok but will probably be late. Keep us posted if u can get a stand.

Seen on a flyer show cars had to be there for 10, “gates” open at 12.

Don’t think there’ll be a problem getting a stand just trying to get a number in mind. Have PM’d all N.I members so will give them a day or 2 to respond before getting back to the organiser with a number.

Seen that too think it will be about 10.30-11 by the time I get there.

hi guys count me in and forward me details directions etc as we dont get out much here post code will do

Good man William, the more the merrier.

Show’s being held at The Rosspark Hotel:

http://www.rosspark.com/ (20 Doagh Road, Kells, Ballymena, County Antrim BT42 3LZ)

@John - Too fond of your bed there by the sound of it John :wink: :lol: , Will see what they say about arriving a bit later sure.

would love to , but working that day . i’ll try to swap a days holiday . let u no next week…

Cheers Brian, dare say it’d be the first official GTOUK N.Ireland event :smiley:

I wish will be up at 6.30 working till about 9 will then take about an hour to get there.

If the gates open at 12 don`t think there should be a problem arriving late as long as u keep me a space.

Sent the fella an message today to provisionally book the stand, mentioned you’d wouldn’t make it for 10 but would be there before 12.

He didn’t comment on it so dare say you should be grand (need to leave enough time for a wipe down with a dirty sponge though mind :lol: )

whis`ll be me then :skid: :carwash: :party:

LOL, I’ll be watching out for the party hat

Still all good for this folks?

Went with a 4 car stand in the end, though I dare say if it turned out we needed 5 I doubt there’d be a problem.

  1. Sam
  2. John
  3. William
  4. Possibly Oxy or Brian or neither

Still OK for it. See ur geting plenty of practice polishing see pic on RMS from CC08 lookin well. Seen a pic of a red 1 on there too anyone from here?