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Hi, recently bought a 93 gt3000, what a cracking car. I was looking round at older Subaru’s / evos etc for a cheap toy. I couldn’t believe the price on these… The amount of technology comfort power speed pretty much everything rolled into one.

I am after some advice if possible, does anyone know of a good experienced garage for timing belts / servicing in South Wales? My thermostat seems to have given up over the last week as well so looking to get this changed at the same time with water pump etc.

My aeros are stuck but i have read the guide on here so are on my to do list.

Since my fan became permanently on every time i put the air con on the revs fly up to about 2.5k and stay there. Is this to do with the thermostat fault some where?

The cheque is in the post for full membership (forums are invaluable) and fingers crossed i will get chance to get to some meets.

Anyone looking for insurance try green light I’m 32 was quoted 330 with 5k mileage only reason i stayed with my company was they price matched so saved the messing sending no claims etc (they did quote me 541 first though)

Any advice on the above would be greatly appreciated



Im in south wales mate where abouts you to. May be able to help you out. Jon

Welcome to the club dude :slight_smile:

Welcome to the club Mark, whereabouts in South Wales are you?
And before Butler beats me to it…we would all love to see some pics of your new car :wink: :wink: :wink:

Hi fella welcome to GTOUK

The revs will rise with the aircon on , all depends on where your base idle is set and also if your stepper motor (ISC)is up the duff .

AS the guys have said get some pics up , it keeps them happy :lol: where as me ive seen loads of the ■■■■■■ things over the years :lol:


Craig :slight_smile:

Welcome to the club. But what do I have to do with the title of this post? :lol: :lol:


[quote]Hi fella welcome to GTOUK

… where as me ive seen loads of the ■■■■■■ things over the years :lol:


Craig :)[/quote]

You missed seeing the ■■■■■■ Badger :stuck_out_tongue: :lol:

Welcome to the club Mark


[quote]Hi fella welcome to GTOUK

… where as me ive seen loads of the ■■■■■■ things over the years :lol:


Craig :)[/quote]

You missed seeing the ■■■■■■ Badger :stuck_out_tongue: :lol:

Welcome to the club Mark[/quote]

OUCH…that hurts.

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Hi and welcome along Bud

Hope u get everything sorted , my fan does that too but when I turn the Aircon off its all back to normal so personally it’s not an issue for me but maybe someone on here will say different :?:

Anyway welcome along and enjoy the ride


Welcome to the club,

Thanks for the warm welcome,

The air con is annoying me more than anything, if it’s there I like it to work although not a necessity in this country, even less now, was wondering if it had something to do with my fan now being permanently on (guessing thermostat has had it!)

@Jonno3kgt im just this side of the severn bridge, am willing to travel a bit for a quality job, have contacted G T Auto’s in Tredegar if anyone has any experience of them? Apparently very good with Evos and skylines (also builds rally cars as a hobby apparently) although it appears they haven’t worked on too many of these they have had some contact with them.

Trying to get pics up but not much luck as of yet! I have set up a shared folder in drop box is this how it’s usually done? Can’t tell how to get the pic in with this post! Will keep trying though!



Wrote this for another car club forum, may as well put it on here:


First, you need to open an account with a photo hosting website such as

then, upload the pictures from your computer by clicking “browse” which is on the right hand side of the page.

when you have found the picture you want to upload, double click it and it the filename will appear in the box next to the “browse” button. click “submit” under the box where your pictures filename is shown.

when the picture has uploaded, you will see a smaller version of the picture below. Below the picture, there are three boxes with text in them. copy the one that has “Img” next to it, and paste it into your reply box on this forum.

the picture should now appear.

if this doesnt work, you have done it wrong. re-read the instructions and try again - this will work.


Right click on the picture and select “view image”

the image should be shown on a white background.

copy the address that the image is at.

now click the button that has Img on it in the thread reply box.

paste the copied address into the reply box after the “”

then click the Img* button, and this will give “”

when the message is submitted, the image will appear in the post.

should save a few threads a week



Thanks for that! Finally got it working!


That does look nice fella

Rare beastie those MK1 3000GT’s

Craig :slight_smile:

Looks lovely dude :slight_smile:

Welcome to the club and a nice looking motor…Looks like the red brigade is getting bigger :lol: :lol:

Looks very tidy bud, what’s with the red theme with the guys on here???

Terry 8)