Polyurethane bushes for whole suspension - only VR4


If you want to pick up mine Colin I can collect them when I get the Mk2 engine mount.

Terry :sunglasses:


Can do matey


I’ll collect mine if that’s OK lucas… I’m rolling around the forest of Dean with my little ones tomorrow so will have to be the evening or Sunday at some point in the afternoon.


Santa Pod is great for me Lukas.
Again thank you for doing this for us all.
I know it has been a long group buy, but what you have done for members here is great.
It’s also a bargain.
Thanks again


PMed My address @lukas Cheers


Sorry, but I could not prepared parcels for today collection…(no tape at home :silly:) but They are ready to sent. Collection tommorrow beetwen 13.00 -18.00. 48h courier tracked, fully protected.
It came up with 19.44 pounds per parcel.
Bank transfer as the same as last time will be ok.
All parcels are already paid and ready for tommorrow collection.


Thanks lukas will sort the payment out later today or tomorrow.



Thanks Lukas payment sent now :+1:


Payment sent ! Cheers


Parcels collected, on their way!


Got them today Cheers !

  • hawk - mk1 full set - 227,79 (paid) - collecting - done
  • jensenrichardson - mk1 full set - 227,79 (paid) - bringing to santa pod
  • spiros - mk1 full set - 227,79 (paid) - sending - done
  • justinmandeville - mk1 full set - 227,79 (paid) - collecting
  • PenaltyCharge - mk1 full set - 227,79 (paid) - sending - done
  • just_cool - mk1 full set - 227,79 (paid) - collecting - done
  • bhorth31 - mk2 full set - 232,99 (paid) - sending - done
  • James3000GT - mk2 full set - 232,99 (paid) - sending - done
  • Colin_GTO - mk2 full set - 232,99 (paid) - collecting - done
  • kawascouse - mk2 full set - 232,99 (paid) - sending - done
  • gto_power1 - mk1 8 pieces - 107,97 (paid) - collecting - done


All here - just got to work out which bush is for what now :grinning:




Hi Lukas

I am on holiday till Monday 17th September landing back in the UK about 21.00
Can I contact you on Tuesday 18th to arrange collection
I have sent you PM



:slight_smile: every bush fit only one place :slight_smile:


can these still be ordered?, I’ve just started to look at the power steering on mine and i shouldn’t have peeked at my bushes, but i did and they need replacing. would be for the second gen lower arm type.



I would happily jump in and get a set if it was at all possible, :grin::grin::grin:


Set on eBay £££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££


@lukas this has been a long journey for you, been following this even though we haven’t bought a set, the phone calls, emails you have done to get this sorted is Club dedication.

Sorting out payments and postage takes a lot of time.

Well done how everyone is happy with this group buy as a lot of work has gone into it, another benefit of being here.



If big interesting enough, there is a possibility to order again.