Polyurethane bushes for whole suspension - only VR4


@jensenrichardson, already done :wink:


Lukas what is the crack on the bushes we still on track to receive them ? Cheers steve (kawascouse)


Yes. I will pay in wednesday.


Transferred over today sorry it’s taken bit longer I’m out in Canada at the moment. Should be with you in 24 hrs


Payment made.

Sorry for little delay, but I was on holiday last week, and did not want to do it on my phone. Anyway, I was waiting for IBAN number from payee 2 days.


Just had a call to Grzegorz. He has confirmed the payment and he is sending bushes to me today. :slight_smile:


So… it should arrive before JAE at Peterborough. I will bring sets to meeting.


Great news, I’m not coming to jae so let me know when they arrive and we’ll arrange to collect them, and a caliper if possible



Hey Lukas, will not be at show either, I hope one day to get my car up to scratch and have the time to do stuff like that. Let us know when they arrive and the postage cost and I’ll sent u the extra. Again a massive well done for sorting all of this out and having the patience to see it through when it went quiet for a while, this is a massive thing you have done for us to source these!! :+1:


Could of bought them by foot from Poland by now. :rofl::rofl:


Any news Lukas ??


Blame the Brexit Poland is in the EU !:smile:


Hi Lukas,
Fairly new to forum and this thread was started before I joined. If any of the mk1 full set aren’t collected , I’d be happy to buy a set from you.


Bushes arrived!
Who wants to collect? Who want me to bring it to santa pod? Who wants them to be sent?


Awesome :clap: post please Lukas will pm you my address and let me know how much for the postage :+1::grin:




Just have everything in order. I am planning to do postage online for multiplay parcels with cover to 300 pound for about 15-20 pounds in 2 days delivery. I will sort that out through weekend and get prepared for monday morning collection by parcelforce, if everybody from list will let me know:

  • sending
  • collecting
  • bringing to santa pod

I have let myself edit a list for those persons who I know what they want

  1. hawk - mk1 full set - 227,79 (paid) - collecting
  2. jensenrichardson - mk1 full set - 227,79 (paid) - bringing to santa pod
  3. spiros - mk1 full set - 227,79 (paid) - sending
  4. justinmandeville - mk1 full set - 227,79 (paid) - collecting
  5. PenaltyCharge - mk1 full set - 227,79 (paid)
  6. just_cool - mk1 full set - 227,79 (paid) - collecting - done
  7. bhorth31 - mk2 full set - 232,99 (paid) - sending
  8. James3000GT - mk2 full set - 232,99 (paid) - sending
  9. Colin_GTO - mk2 full set - 232,99 (paid) - collecting - done
  10. kawascouse - mk2 full set - 232,99 (paid)
  11. gto_power1 - mk1 8 pieces - 107,97 (paid) - collecting - done


I’ll be collecting lucas and I can come tomorrow if your in.
Let me know and msg me your address again please.
Jerry :grinning:


I can come in afternoon tomorrow, mini meet :wink: