Polyurethane bushes for whole suspension - only VR4


Payment made, cant wait for these !


All done. I will recieve a package from Poland in tuesday 5th of March 2019.
Let me know if you want postage to your address or collect on NEC Classic Restoration Show.


Sorry to read that you have had to pay your own money out @lukas

That really isn’t on !!

Group buys take time to sort out and a level of trust is needed to do so , you shouldn’t have to put your own money in , at the end of the day if you are entering into a group buy and commit to that , then you should follow through the transaction , bad form if you don’t


Yes, but I had to pay for items on time, as I have agreed with the supplier.


That is what makes it worse mate .

You have put yourself out enough sorting the group buy for members , without having to do it financially too .

Hopefully that won’t put you off doing another one in the future :+1:


Sorry been up to my neck in it, I completely forgot about payment, can sort the money at the end of the week


Great new Lukas thanks again for sorting this out a second time even with the little mishap or not so little.
I will pm you with delivery address so then you can let me know postage
Cheers again.:+1:


Top man pm sent


Thanks Lukas,
I might grab them at the show , I don’t think I’d have any bother getting them through the airport.
Although they do look like they could be assembled into something dodgy​:rofl::rofl:


Paid thanks.
Again thank you for doing this for everyone, and cheers for dealing with my last minute order.


Bushes arrived!


Please choose one of following:

  • shipment
  • collecting from me
  • collecting at NEC

List updating:

  1. @enda - mk1 full set - 263,7 - paid - collecting at NEC
  2. @reece.cambridge - mk1 full set - 263,7 - paid - shipment
  3. @Mr.G - mk1 full set - 263,7 - paid - collecting from me
  4. @davesoper64 - mk1 full set - 263,7 - paid - shipment
  5. @chinkshields - mk1 full set - 263,7 - paid - shipment
  6. @alec_shewan - mk2 full set - 269.3 - paid - shipment
  7. @dan4 - mk2 full set - 269.3 - paid - shipment
  8. @jensenrichardson - mk1 2 bushes - paid - collecting at NEC


Shipment please lukas


Shipment please lukas :+1:


how much you want for shipment ? and can i pay you fri please as a bit short till then :thinking:


Im a bit short all the time ! :rofl:


Up to 20 pounds, last time was 19.44
Yes, no problem.


Hi All.
I will sort out shipments over the weekend and get ready for parcel force collection on monday morning.
Shipment will be insured and signature required with two working days delivery time.
Please send me pm with delivery address who hasn’t yet.


Parcels ready for collection by Hermes in monday. 48h courier delivery to your door. Insured for 300 pounds. Signature required.
Price 17.99 pounds.
Please transfer amount to given bank account.


Hi lukas payment made should be with you today