Polyurethane bushes for whole suspension - only VR4


@lukas should be with you in the next 2 hours mate


sent should be with you in a couple hr :slight_smile:
thanks again for this :slight_smile:


Parcels collected.


Hi Lukas,
I’ll be heading straight to the airport after the show at Nec. Im assuming the bushes will all fit in a back pack. I Should have asked earlier.


They will fit in a backpack no problem mate


Thanks @jensenrichardson. Probably a silly question but I had to ask😂


A bit heavy though :grin:


Top man, thanks @lukas


Just delivered thanks again @lukas :+1::+1::+1:


Hi Lukas, apologies for the delay - things have been hectic and I’ve not checked the forum recently. Postage payment made. :slight_smile:


No. problem


Can anyone help with fitment of these bush’s ie what side washers go plus any info as what goes where
The garage I’m using is working hard for me .


First 2 pictures on beginning of this post is front suspension for mk1 - small bag from your set.
Few pictures below is rear - bigger bag from your set.
Bushes go only one place everyone.


Your a star :+1::+1::+1:


When I got these - first thing I did was think which ones go where? But as I got the bits off the car it became obvious and as Lucas said they only fit in one place.



Is there chance to still order some of these??

Stupid question, how can you tell if the cars a VR4?


Vr4 is a designation given to an USA market 3000gt lhd twin turbo car, we do not have them in the Uk market 3000gt cars and Gto JDM cars were never called Vr4 either, in the States it differentiated them from the na front wheel drive cars
For your bushes you will need either a mk1 set with a round front bottom arm rear bush or a mk2 set with a clamped in f b a r b.
Looks like your car should be a mk1 set but please check.
Hope this helps good luck.


There is a chance to order again, but if only one set, the price will be bigger. More sets = bigger discount.
VR4 = Twin Turbo


Cheers Lukas. Yes i am VR4 then.

Ok well i have read through the thread and they look a good set. Would be after a full set of MK1.

Anyone else need some?


Hi Lukas , Everyone

I did not have any spare cash when the polyurethane bushes were up for grabs earlier this year , Thats all sorted now , So work on my mrk 1 gto will continue , Any chance there is a full set for a mrk1 gto anywhere i can buy ??